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British Blend 100ml E-Liquid Review!

The British Blend 100ml E-Liquid range is an exclusive range made especially for us! It incorporates only the finest UK flavours and comes in huge 100ml bottles, all for the affordable price of just £12 per bottle! This range is designed for Sub Ohm Tanks so is crafted using a 70/30 VG/PG mix and is available in 3mg and 6mg; it’s sure to produce plenty of vapour whilst still providing a decent throat hit and fantastic flavour! We understand that when using Sub Ohm Tanks your liquid can rapidly deplete, that’s why we’ve decided to go for 100ml bottles to ensure you can buy a bottle that will keep you going for longer!

You can choose from 5 delicious flavours:

Berry Blast – A juicy blend of Sweet Strawberry, Succulent Cherry, Smooth Blackcurrant and Sharp Raspberry.

Berry Blast











Citrus Dream – A tangy taste of Citrus fruits infused with a creamy Rainbow Sherbet.

Citrus Dream











Dragon’s Grape – A powerful mix of sweet Dragon Fruit with Fresh, Tart Grapes.

Dragon's Grape











Tropical Fusion – A sweet assortment of Tender Pineapple, Juicy Mango and Refreshing Watermelon.

Tropical Fusion











Yummy Gummy – A mouth-watering fruity concoction closely resembling chewy fruit sweets!

Yummy Gummy











PLEASE NOTE: This liquid is very thick so we do not recommend using it in E-Cigarette Tanks with an atomiser resistance of more than 1.0 Ohm. This is because higher resistances do not allow the atomiser to burn hot enough to break down the liquid. Sub Ohm tanks are recommended for this liquid.


We had Ryan try out all of the liquids to provide a bit of insight into each flavour:


British Blend Berry Blast 100ml E-Liquid

Ryan: My favourite of the lot! Very juicy and super fruity leaving your mouth watering for more! There’s not a lot more I can add! If you love sweet berries then you’ll love this one!


British Blend Citrus Dream 100ml E-Liquid

Ryan: This one’s a close second for me; awesome sharp citrus flavours blended together with a beautiful creamy sherbet to take the edge off. This gives you a sour but real smooth vape! An interesting mix but it just seems to work really well!


British Blend Dragon’s Grape 100ml E-Liquid

Ryan: a very tart, long lasting taste left in your mouth, perfect if you’re looking for something different or are simply a Dragon fruit or grape fan! An acquired taste but I can definitely see why this could be a favourite for some people.


British Blend Tropical Fusion 100ml E-Liquid

Ryan: Admittedly my least favourite out of them all, however this does not mean it’s a bad vape. There’s just a little too much pineapple for me.


British Blend Yummy Gummy 100ml E-Liquid

Ryan: another excellent flavour for me: it’s just like eating a bag of Haribo! If you’ve got a sweet tooth then it’s definitely worth giving this one a try!



If you’re after a liquid with exceptional flavour and great value for money, then it’s definitely worth giving British Blend 100ml a try!