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Innokin Coolfire Pebble Product Showcase!

Innokin Coolfire Pebble Product Showcase!

Innokin are usually renowned for producing bulky looking mods, however with the Coolfire Pebble they have strayed from this design structure and have made their smallest mod yet! Don’t be deceived by its small size though; the Coolfire Pebble still offers 50 Watts of power, which for a mod standing at just 5.5cm tall (without a tank) is very impressive.

The Coolfire Pebble is very easy to use; it is made up of a firing button to power the mod, then ‘+’ & ‘-‘ buttons to easily adjust your wattage to suit your personal preference; that’s all there is to it! When using the Pebble be aware that it has a 3 Click ON/OFF safety mechanism to eliminate the possibility of accidental firing. This means you have to quickly click the firing button 3 times to unlock the mod, then another 3 times when you’re finished to lock it. Once unlocked you can vape away to your heart’s content, then when locked the mod will not fire at all. The mod has a built-in 1300mAh battery so you don’t have to worry about buying one separately for it. The charge port is located at the bottom of the mod and allows you to vape the device while it’s on charge.

Despite its tiny size, the Coolfire Pebble still makes room for a clear OLED Screen to display all of your essential settings such as wattage, voltage, battery level, the resistance of your atomiser (when a tank is mounted on the mod), and a puff timer to tell you how long you have taken a puff for. To turn the power of your Pebble up or down, simply hold the ‘+’ or ‘-‘ button for a short time until the Wattage reading starts flashing on your screen. You can then continue to click the ‘+’ or ‘-‘ buttons to adjust your power to your desired setting (the mod goes from 6 Watts up to 50 Watts). As well as having the screen to notify you on battery level, the Pebble has a ‘Traffic Light System’ on the firing button to display it too! This basically means that when holding down the firing button it will light up in one of three colours; Green means it has a lot of charge, Amber/Yellow means it’s about half-way down its charge, and red means it’s time to put it on charge!

The Pebble has 510 threading which makes it compatible with most E-Cigarette tanks on the market!

The Innokin Slipstream Tank is also a new creation by Innokin and is paired with the Pebble in this kit. The Slipstream has a 2ml capacity to comply by the Government’s TPD Regulations, as well as adjustable airflow to allow the user to experiment with tighter or looser puffs. The Slipstream is a top filling child proof tank, meaning the user has to push down and screw in order to remove the lid to fill it.

As well as filling from the top, you also change the Slipstream’s coil from the top. When you take the top off the tank to fill it, the coil comes out too so you can simply unscrew it and replace it. This eradicates the chance of liquid leaking out of the bottom of the tank.

The Slipstream tank comes with a pre-installed 0.8 Ohm Kanthal coil which is perfect for everyday vapers. There’s also a spare 0.5 Ohm Stainless Steel coil which will allow for a bit more power to be used to increase flavour and vapour production.

Innokin Coolfire Pebble Kit

Innokin Pebble 50 Watt Mod Features:

Size: 55mm x 35mm x 22mm
Threading: 510
Battery: Internal 1300mAh – level displayed on OLED Screen and on firing button using Traffic Light system
Variable Wattage: 6W – 50W
Max output Ampage: 15 Amps
Max output Voltage: 7.5 Volts
Atomiser resistance range: 0.2 Ohm – 3.5 Ohm
Screen: OLED display showing Wattage, Voltage, Battery Level, Atomiser Resistance and Puff timer
Charging: USB port on bottom of mod – allows vaping while charging.
Lock: 3 Click ON/OFF safety feature
Cut Off: 15 second cut-off feature to avoid overheating
Protection: Low voltage, short circuit & overheating protection

Available in Black, White, Dark Blue and Gold.

Innokin Slipstream Tank Features:

Capacity: 2ml – TPD Compliant
Material: Pyrex Glass with Stainles Steel casing
Threading: 510
Drip Tip: Wide Bore Delrin Drip tip
Airflow: Adjustable airflow
Filling: Top fill with child proof ‘push and screw’ feature
Atomiser Resistance: 0.8 Ohm atomiser pre-installed with 0.5 Ohm atomiser spare
Coil Changing: Swap coil from top – helps prevent leakage

Kit Contents:

-1 x Innokin Coolfire Pebble 50W Mod
-1 x Innokin Slipstream 2ml Tank
-1 x Slipstream 0.8 Ohm Atomiser (Pre-installed in tank)
-1 x Slipstream 0.5 Ohm Atomiser (Spare)
-1 x Pack of Spare O-Rings
-1 x USB Charging Cable
-1 x Innokin Coolfire Pebble User Manual

What do our staff think of this kit?

We had Ryan try the Coolfire Pebble to see what he thought. The results are below:

“The Pebble kit really does take you by surprise with how small it is. It’s hard to believe that such a tiny mod can kick out so much power! I’ve been using it for a good four hours with the 0.5 Ohm coil on 40 Watts and it’s still got charge left. For a 1300mAh battery I think that’s pretty impressive, especially considering I take huge puffs! With the 0.8 Ohm Coil on a lower wattage setting, the Pebble will last you a lot longer which again for such a small mod is really good. The flavour from the Slipstream Tank is spot on, and I like the fact that you can both fill the tank and change the coil from the top: it’s just so much easier that way!”