Drip Hacks Nicotine Salt E-Liquid

Drip Hacks Nic Salts

Driphacks Nic Salts are a must. Using ‘salt based’ Nicotine mixed at 20mg/ml or 10mg/ml to achieve a perfectly smooth vape.

READY TO VAPE, perfect for MTL

Here are all the current flavours in stock:

Acid Drop - A luscious fruit blend of kiwi, grapefruit, woodland fruits and melons with a refreshing touch of koolada.

Alkaline Rise - A fruity blend of kiwi, lime, woodland fruits and strawberry with a touch of refreshing Koolada WS-23.

Black Slush - Blackcurrant Candy Slush, an old favourite!

Blood Of Vikings - Another staple of the Drip Hacks family, this deliciously rich rhubarb and custard will leave you wanting more!

Brain Twister - A delicious twister ice lolly with a cold exhale. Beautifully blended strawberry and pineapple ice cream, just like the real thing!

Bubblegum Candy - Straight out of the gumball machine, a sweet candy gum ball.

Butterboy - Butterscotch custard, vanilla and meringue flavour vape juice.

Cherries & Berries - A Delectable mixture of cherries and berries for that fruity taste.

Forbidden Fruits - A delicious, mixed forest fruits flavour. Why not try it today?

Green Apple Splatters - A Truly sour bunch of green apples for that tart taste.

Halfway Pear - A Sweet and Soft Pear with Blackcurrant and other dark fruits.

Jotuns Wrath - A fierce freeze of blueberry with a citrus and menthol punch. Sweet and Refreshing.

Mango - A strong, sweet and naturally ripe mango Flavour.

Raspberry Sherbet - A tantalizing new flavour with a sweet Raspberry base, accompanied by a tart Sherbet background.

The One Who Knocks - This is a perfect blend of delectable fruits with a hint of aniseed.


10ml TPD Compliant Nicotine Shotts (Salt-based).

2% or 20mg/ml OR 1% AT 50/50 VG/PG

Peel and reveal label.