Fantasi 10ml Nic Salts Range

Fantasi 10ml Nic Salts Range

Refreshing and popular drinks range now available in a Nic Salt based range.

Flavours include;

Cola Ice - The unmistakable fizz and freshness of Fantasi and infused it with the king of all soft drinks, the legendary cola.

Grape Ice - Take the bold and juicy grapes, add the fizz, and super cool it for an added frozen blast

Lemonade Ice - Fresh, zesty lemons and just the right amount of sweetness that feels as though it was poured over a generous serving of crushed ice.

Mango Ice - If you’re looking for the refreshing everyday taste of our Fantasi mango with an icy blast, then look no further!

Orange Ice - Luscious strawberries and blackberries are a sweet combo, blended with a tart raspberry undertone in perfect harmony

Available in 10mg and 20mg