Hangsen Nicotine Salt E-Liquid

Nicotine Salts (Nic Salts) are becoming increasingly popular in the vaping industry because of their quick nicotine delivery and smooth throat it. They are perfect for people who need a lot of nicotine but cannot normally cope with the strong throat hit that comes with it. Nic Salts are E-Liquids manufactured using the natural salt found in Tobacco leaves. Normally if these salts were to be added directly into E-Liquid they would need to be vapourised at extremely high temperatures meaning they would not be suitable for E-Cigarettes. To fix this, Benzoic Acid is added to the salts to reduce the alkalinity and allow them to be vapourised at much lower temperatures which makes them suitable for even the lowest power starter e-cig kits. This drop in alkalinity also makes the liquid far smoother on the throat (similar to 'High VG' E-Liquid), meaning higher nicotine concentrations can be used to satisfy cravings without having an unbearably harsh hit on the throat.

Hangsen, one of the largest E-Liquid manufacturers in the world, have created their version of Nic Salts available in 20mg for maximum nicotine satisfaction. Now you can find some of the most popular Hangsen flavours available in Nic Salt form!