British Blend 70ml Short Fill E-Liquid

British Blend 70ml Short Fill E-Liquid is a UK made E-Liquid range which offers both simplicity and complexity in a scrumptious selection of flavours. Want to play it safe with a single flavour? Blueberry should do nicely. Fancy being a bit more daring? Why not try a Strawberry & Rhubarb? There's something for everyone! With an 80vg/20pg mix, this E-Liquid is perfect for high powered devices in order to provide large vapour production. The beauty of Short Fill E-Liquids is that you can either use them as they are in their Nicotine Free form, or you can add your own Nicotine using the provided space! The British Blend 70ml Short Fills come in a 70ml bottle filled with 50ml of E-Liquid so there is enough room for you to pop the nicotine straight in without having to create room! Add one 18mg Nicotine Shot (10ml) to make your British Blend E-Liquid a 3mg, or add two 18mg Nicotine Shots (20ml) to make it a 6mg! When purchasing a British Blend 70ml Short Fill E-Liquid you get one 18mg Nicotine Shot for Free!

It's worth pointing out that the British Blend 70ml Short Fill E-Liquids are completely separate from the British Blend 120ml Short Fill E-Liquids, so no flavours are carried across!

See our guide to find out the outcomes of adding nicotine to your short fill.