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Parallel-EV 60ml Short Fill E-Liquid

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Parallel-EV is a UK made Nicotine Free E-Liquid range. With a carefully chosen unique range of tasty flavours, Parallel-EV is sure to be a favourite for your all-day vape. It comes in 60ml bottles filled with 50ml of E-Liquid, leaving 10ml room for nicotine to boost it to 3mg in strength!

Choose from 15 tasty flavours:

Blueberg - A combination of mixed berries and aniseed, completed with notes of icy coolness.

Blue Retro - A seriously sweet blueberry and grape bubblegum.

Blue Slush - A cool Blueberry Slush Puppie.

Cobra Venom - A fierce fusion of citrus fruits with a bite of aniseed.

Custard Appeel - A zesty orange and creamy vanilla custard.

Green Slush - A luscious, cool lime slush puppy.

Grapegasm - A medley of mixed berries and grape with a smooth menthol exhale.

Orange Juice - A fresh and fruity perfect for a morning vape.

Pinkberg - A fruity combination of blackcurrant and citrus fruits.

Prism - A colourful blend of mixed fruits designed to dazzle.

Raspberry Donut - A freshly baked doughnut with a sweet and tart raspberry glazing.

Strawberry Jam Toasties - Crunchy toast with heapings of tart strawberry jam.

Toffee Do-Nut - A delectable doughnut flavour slathered in tongue smacking toffee.

Vampire Astaire - A delectable arrangement of dark berries, brewed to seamlessly merge with the menthol and aniseed undertones.

Zombie Astaire - An explosion of sweet berries that perfectly offsets the menthol and aniseed twist.

Adding Nicotine to Parallel-EV:

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