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What is an E Cig / Electronic Cigarette?

An E Cig, or electronic cigarette, is an electronic device that delivers a harmless vapour which the user can inhale, replicating the act of smoking. The vapour can contain nicotine allowing the user to not only satisfy their smoking habit, but also their nicotine addiction.

The Electronic cigarette usually consists of a power source (most commonly a battery) and an atomizer which turns the liquid into vapour. For more information on atomizers, see our guide further down page...
To use the electronic cigarette you will need to add e liquid either by adding a pre filled tank (such as a cartridge or cartomizer), or by filling your own vessel (such as a clearomizer or tank) with e-liquid. These can be bought by the bottle in various nicotine strengths and flavours.

Which E Cigarette is 'The Best' E Cigarette?

There is no simple answer to that question, although we think the best e cig is the one that works for you.

We believe a good place for everyone to start is with the Ego Kit, and it's by far our best seller. It may be a bit larger than your average cigarette, but this allows the device to give you a reasonable amount of battery life, unlike some smaller electronic cigarettes. The Ego also delivers vapour more effectively than some of the smaller 'cigarette lookalikes'. Because you can choose to refill your ego with e liquid from the bottle yourself, it can also work out more cost effective.

The Ego kits all have a 510 / Ego connection. This means they both have 510 threading for attaching 510 threaded atomizers and Ego threading. This gives you the option to choose from hundreds of different atomizers, clearomizers, tanks and accessories.

Which Ego kit should I choose?

For the most part this decision comes down to your personal circumstances. We would usually advise you to buy a twin kit as this gives you a battery to use whilst one is charging, meaning you always have a spare. This also extends the product life of your batteries as you're alternating between the two, requiring fewer charge cycles, increasing the overall product life.

However the single kit is great if you just want to try out e cigs to see if they are going to work for you personally. Extra batteries and other spare parts can be added at a later date once you're sure that an electronic cigarette gives you what you need. However, we're confident that you'll be sure of their effectiveness very quickly!

What is an atomizer?

Atomizers turn liquid into vapour. An atomizer consists of resistance wire (which heats up when electricity is passed through it) and something to feed liquid to the resistance wire (usually in the form of a wick), so that the wire can heat the liquid and turn it into a safe vapour for you to inhale.

Atomizers come in many forms, all of which do the same basic job. Some of them hold large amounts of liquid in an additional built in container (such as a cartomizer or tank), some types need an additional part to store the liquid in (such as a cartridge), and other types only hold a few drips at a time.

Due to the nature of the job they do, ALL atomizers either need replacing regularly, or have parts that need replacing regularly. This is why most retailers, including ourselves, sell atomizers as disposable items with only a dead on arrival warranty.

The different types of atomizer available can be split into 4 main categories:

  1. Cartomizer
  2. Atomizer/Clearomizer
  3. Tank System
  4. Rebuildable Tank System

Below we'll take a brief look at the different types.


Now a slightly older style, these are typically found on E-Cigarette lookalikes. They are usually one single piece and are pre-filled with E-Liquid.


Covers a wide range of styles. These types typically hold between 1.6ml and 2.5ml. Most are now replaceable coil types, but this title also includes disposable CE4s.

Tank System

Usually have a capacity of 3ml+ and are mostly pyrex rather than plastic.

Rebuildable Tank System

This covers all types that require re-wicking and re-coiling by hand. Most are dripping atomizers but there are a few larger capacity ones available, know as Rebuildable Tank Atomizers (RTAs).


  1. Keep your wick wet. Whatever your choice of atomizer happens to be, if you don't keep the part that feeds liquid to the resistance wire/coil wet (whether that is a wick or filler material), then instead of heating liquid, your atomizer will heat your wick or filler material.
  2. Don't overfill your atomizer. Overfilling can lead to leaks, which can damage your battery.
  3. If you do get a leak, make sure you either dry the atomizer out properly or replace it.
  4. Replace regularly, and ALWAYS CARRY SPARES. If you don't carry spares, you can guarantee that your atomizer will die at a time when you can't purchase another - disaster!

PG or VG? What is the difference? Which one is the one for me?

There are two main base carrier liquids used in our e-liquid (the refill liquid used in electronic cigarettes): PG and VG. We believe you should be able to choose the right base liquid for you, based on the qualities of the two options, so we have provided a brief description of both base liquids below.

1. PG or propylene glycol or propane-1,2, diol

  • The most common solution used in electronic cigarettes.
  • It is essentially inert in the body and can even be injected into the bloodstream without effect (and it is: it is the carrier liquid for drugs like diazepam that don't mix with water).
  • It is a powerful bactericide and virucide, and has been used in hospitals to keep viruses from spreading.
  • Has a robust throat hit greater than that of a purely VG based liquid.
  • Is used successfully in our industry and is approved for usage in our products for consumption.

2. VG or vegetable glycerin or glycerol or propane-1,2,3, triol

  • It is more viscous (thick) than PG.
  • Produces much more vapour than a purely PG based liquid.
  • Can act as a sweetener in E-liquid, and is in fact used as a sweetner in the food industry. This is as well as being used as a humectant and a solvent. In some cases it is even used for preservation. Chances are you are already consuming VG, or Glycerin elsewhere.
  • Doesn't give you as much 'throat hit' as PG, meaning it is smoother, for those that prefer it like that, but not really suitable if you're looking for a huge 'throat hit.'

We hope this has helped you to decide which base is the one for you. Please note we also sell E-Liquid which consists of a mixture of both bases, allowing you to achieve the best of both worlds to some extent.

Filling a clearomizer:

Tips for getting the best from your Electronic Cigarette.

We want you to get the best out of your E Cig and for things to last as long as they can for our customers, so here are a few tips to help you take care of your electronic cigarette.

1. Before placing your battery on charge, clean the contact point on the top of your battery and also on your charging lead (with a tissue or cotton bud) to remove any build up of liquid.

2. Where possible use your battery until it runs out of charge, then place it on charge. This can prolong the product life of the battery, as every charge reduces that life a little.

3. Do not screw anything onto your battery too tightly. This includes atomizers, clearomizers and chargers. Screw them on until you feel a resistance, then stop. Screwing items onto your battery too tightly will damage the battery, the item you're attaching to it, or both of them.

4. Always keep spare parts. More often than not, you will need a replacement when we are not open, which then leaves you at risk of having nothing to use. This can result in you resorting to regular cigarettes!

5. Try not to keep your electronic cigarette in your trouser pockets. We've had cases where people have sat down with the e cig in their pockets and have snapped the battery,or strained their atomizer/clearomizer. This results in parts needing to be replaced.

6. Keep your e cig topped up with liquid, rather than letting it run empty. This can prevent an early onset of the burnt taste that you often get when an atomizer is near the end of it's useful life.


Q: What exactly is an electronic cigarette (e-cigarette/e-cig)?

A: An e cig, or electronic cigarette, is an electronic device that delivers a harmless vapour which the user can inhale, replicating the act of smoking. The vapour can contain nicotine allowing the user to not only satisfy their smoking habit, but also their nicotine addiction. Electronic cigarettes are not prohibited by law in indoor public locations, nor are they covered by the smoking ban. So, as long as the premises owner permits it, you may use them anywhere.

Q: What are benefits of using electronic cigarette?

A: The main benefits include:

  • They are proven to work with smokers
  • They are legal to smoke in public places
  • They require no lighting, burning, or ashtrays.
  • They leave no cigarette butts or horrible smell
  • They contain no tobacco and cause no air pollution
  • They contain no cancer-causing chemicals
  • They cause no second hand smoking
  • They emit no foul odors that stick to linen, walls, cars, etc

Q: Is it really legal to use electronic cigarette in public places?

A: The electronic cigarette can be used in any location and within any premises that introduced a ban on tobacco based cigarettes, with the introduction into Law of the Health Act 2006. The use of electronic cigarettes in public places is completely legal, and not bound up in the same troubling issues as the use of tobacco-based cigarettes in public places. There is, of course, seemingly never-ending legislation against the use of conventional cigarettes in public places; as just about every smoker across the world is only too well aware of. But the use of electronic cigarette in public places is something you may be pleased to know...

Q: What do I get in my starter kit?

A: Your electronic cigarette starter kit contains everything you need to get you going: At least 1 complete electronic cigarette (consisting of a rechargeable battery and atomizer), a USB charger and a full instruction leaflet (dependent on kit purchased). Some kits may include more than this.

Q: What available methods are there for charging a battery?

A: Electronic cigarette starting kit comes with a USB charger for your PC. If you don't want to use a PC, you'll need an additional mains adapter. Mains adapters are included free of charge with all double Ego kits.

A car adapter may also be suitable.

Q: How long does the battery last between charges?

A: Batteries are dependent on temperature, storage and use. Depending on the size of the battery, they can last beyond 14 hours for our biggest batteries. Heavy 'chain' smokers may exhaust the battery much more quickly so a spare on charge is advised. Batteries can be charged up to 200 times on average.

Q: Is E-liquid available in different flavours and strengths?

A: Yes it is available in many different flavours and in nicotine strengths of 36mg, 24mg, 16mg, 11mg, 6mg, and 0mg.

Q: How long do the batteries and atomizers last?

A: Atomizers are considered consumables and are DOA guaranteed. Spare atomizers and batteries are available separately to purchase from our website. The atomizer does all the hard work. Inside, a tiny coil heats rather like a light bulb, then contacts cold fluid repeatedly. Like a light bulb, the coil won't last forever! An atomizer's average life varies from 3 to 15 days depending on usage. Batteries have a limited life that is measured by the amount of times it is recharged. The more often you recharge the battery, the less time it will last. This also varies from product to product. On average you can expect a battery to have a useful life of anywhere from a month to 3 or 4 months. Our batteries are covered by a 30 day warranty.

Q: Why do I need spare batteries?

A: All lithium batteries permanently lose capacity over time. This is why electronic cigarette batteries have a relatively short life. The electronic cigarettes are considered as consumables, hence the reason the separate parts need to be replaced.

Q: Can I use other manufacturers cartridges and accessories ?

A: No, you are only guaranteed compatibility if you purchase your cartridges and accessories directly from The Best E Cigarette.

Q: What if I run out of liquid or lose my e-cigarette?

A: It happens to the best of us, so if you don't want to resort to tobacco cigarettes, make sure you keep a supply of liquid and at least a spare atomizer and a spare battery. If you are really committed to e-smoking then a second kit is the cheapest way to make sure you have a set of spares.

Q: How do the costs compare to that of smoking ordinary cigarettes ?

A: The cost of a bottle of E-liquid is £4.99 for 30ml, which will last an average of 2 weeks, so £9.98 per month. Add to that the price of replacing your atomizer 2 or 3 times a month, in this example we'll use CE4s, so £3.99 each, x3 = £11.97 a month. So that's £21.95 per month running costs. Even if we then assume the very worst, and add the price of a replacement battery every month on to that, we're still only at £31.94.

At the time of writing this, a 20 packet of the most popular brand of cigarettes costs £7.38. So a twenty a day tobacco cigarette smoker would spend £221.40 per month if they switched to E-cigs. Based on the costs in the paragraph above, they would save £189.46 a month, or £2273.52 A year. This is including the cost of replacing the atomizer 3 times a month, and the battery once a month. Chances are you won't have to do that every month anyway!

Q: Are e-cigarettes suitable for non smokers or under 18's?

A: Absolutely not. The cigarette is intended for adult smokers. They should not be sold, given to, or used by non smokers.

E-liquid contains nicotine and should be stored safely away from children.
We will not sell any of our products to anyone under the age of 18