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  1. Voopoo Argus Pro – Pod Kit Of The Year?

    This week we will be looking at the Argus Pro Kit from Voopoo. We know Voopoo for their great range of devices from the Drag series to the Vinci series, along with some of their other devices like the Finic and of course the Vmate.

    Some of the above devices have been considered all-time greats in the E-Cigarette industry, but we’ve got to say that for us, the Argus Pro has definitely shot straight to the top as a contender for not just one of Voopoo’s best devices, but one of the best Pod Devices of 2020. Of course, this is down to personal preference but we’ve been so impressed with this kit.

    Argus Pro

    Argus Pro – Design & Build

    The design and build of this mod is impeccable; made from a zinc-alloy material with a leather grip, the Argus looks the part and is ergonomically fantastic. The buttons on the Argus Pro are nice and smooth with a good press (not too loose and not too rigid).

    Because of the material used, it’s a pretty heavy pod system. Weighing in at approximately 168g, it’s definitely got a bit of weight to it, so for those looking for something you can really feel in your hand, this is perfect. Thankfully, I like my mods with plenty of weight so this is right up my street.

    Measurements for this mod are 124mm (H) x 35mm (W) x 31mm (D). It has a 0.96inch colour screen to display all your settings which we will get into in the next section.

    One very welcomed sight is the inclusion of a Type-C charge port on the Argus Pro. The charge rate of this is a 2 Amp charge, holding up to the standard of fast charging which again is great to see. When you couple this with the massive 3000mAh battery, you have huge battery life and quick recharge time.

    A final nice touch with the design is the small bar located near the top of the device which can be used for lanyards to keep your kit safe from potentially damaging falls!

    Argus Pro – Functions

    • Turn the device on – 5 Clicks of the fire button
    • Adjust Wattage – Press/hold the + or – buttons
    • Lock Device – Press and hold the fire button and + button
    • Reset Puff Counter – Press and hold the fire button and – button
    • Change Modes – Press the fire button 3 times quickly

    The Argus Pro has four modes to choose from, these are as follows:

    • Smart mode: Auto-detects what wattage you should be vaping depending on the coil (Represented by an “S”).
    • RBA Mode: User-defined wattage – adjust freely from 5W-80W (Represented by an “R”).
    • Double Ignition Mode: Allows the user to power the device using either the fire button, or with breath/draw activation (Represented by an “A&P”).
    • Manual Mode: Button activated vaping only without the option to use breath activation (Represented by a “P”).
    Argus Pro


    As you’ve seen from the images this kit comes with the hugely popular PnP Pod Tank. I’ve talked about this tank in a previous review, so I won’t go too much in depth. The PnP Pod tank is an adaptation/conversion of the pod found on the Drag X & Drag S pod kits into a 510 threaded tank. It has adjustable airflow, push/pull coil installation, and is compatible with the full range of PnP coils to accommodate a wide range of vaping performances with fantastic flavour and longevity. If you want to know more about the PnP Pod Tank, check out my Drag Mini Refresh Review for more details.

    I think personally this kit is solid all-round; there isn’t really anything with it I can fault. The design and functionality are both great and I really like the hit from the kit as well.

    Let us know what you think of the Argus Pro Kit on Facebook and Instagram and if you’re interested in getting one for yourself, check the store and order yours today!

    Apologies for last week as we missed the review but with the Christmas period upon us, it has been a little hectic with the shop!

    Thanks again for reading!

    Written by Cal

  2. Nic Salts – Are They Right For Me?

    Good day, and welcome back to another blog post. This week we will be looking at Nic Salts, what they are, how they’re different to freebase nicotine and if they are right for you.

    ULTD Salt Nic Range. Fruity flavours.

    What Is Freebase?

    Before looking at Nic Salts, we need to first understand what the ‘normal’ nicotine is in normal E-Liquid. The nicotine used in E-Liquid since the vaping industry began is called ‘Freebase’ Nicotine.

    Freebase Nicotine is considered a traditional form of nicotine as it has in fact been used since the 60’s. A method was discovered by Phillip Morris (the owner of Marlboro) whereby nicotine could be made more potent by removing its protons (using ammonia) to make it more bioavailable in the body (be absorbed easily). The chemical nature of nicotine is a weak base with negatively charged particles that seek positively charged particles (protons) to become stable and ionised. Ions are not easily vapourised and do not absorb into the body easily. The removal of the protons takes away the positive charge to reduce the nicotine down to a free state/base (hence ‘freebase’) which is absorbed into the body much more efficiently. Freebase nicotine has a high pH level, which means it has a strong throat hit; something a lot of new vapers like as it emulates cigarettes.

    So, with Freebased covered, we will look at how Salt Nicotine is created and what advantages it has over Freebase.

    Nic Salts

    The word ‘Salt’ comes from nicotine’s chemical composition, which is as you’ve probably guessed, a salt. Don’t worry you’re not going to be putting physical salt into your tank, it’s the same nicotine as above but it’s not de-protonised, instead it undergoes a different process before making its way into your E-Liquid.

    If the natural nicotine salt was to be added to an E-Liquid and vapourised, it would need to be vaped at extremely high temperatures to be effective. The secret ingredient for nic salts is benzoic acid. Adding this acid to the nicotine salt significantly reduces the temperature needed to effectively vapourise the nicotine, and increases its bioavailability so it is absorbed into the body more efficiently. That’s not all, perhaps the most recognised change is that the acid lowers the pH level of the nicotine which massively lessens the throat hit. This nicotine gives a smooth throat hit instead of the harsh throat hit that comes with freebase. The main advantage of this is that some users need a high nicotine strength for nicotine satisfaction but cannot always tolerate the harsh throat hit of freebase nicotine. Nicotine Salts allow the user to vape the high nicotine strengths with a smooth throat hit.

    Forbidden Island Nic Salts, Tropical flavours, click here for the whole range

    What Devices Should I Use?

    When it boils down to it, Nic Salts are better in the mouth-to-lung (MTL) kits because they are very potent and could delivery more nicotine than needed in a high powered direct-lung (DL) setup. Additionally, a lot of Nic Salt e-liquids are made at a 50/50 ratio which works best in MTL.

    However, if you want to use salts in a DL device, all is not lost because you can use Nic Salt shots with your short fills. Just add them in as you would usually do when adding freebase nic shots to your favourite short fill. This way, you are still getting quicker nicotine absorption compared to freebase and you aren’t getting as much throat hit either.

    The Eleaf iJust AIO Kit, perfect for Nic Salts

    In Conclusion

    To round this up, if you are looking for something to satisfy your cravings better, check out Nic Salts.

    In my personal use, I have found them to be strong and more effective at calming the nicotine cravings over freebase.

    We have a good selection of flavours on our website, check out all the Nic Salt ranges here.

    Forbidden Island and ULTD come in 10mg or 20mg strengths

    We hope you found this information useful. You can let us know your thoughts on Nic Salts on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

    Thanks again for reading.

    Written by Cal

  3. Vaptio Fragg preview

    Vaptio Fragg

    Hello and welcome to a little look at the Vaptio Fragg Mod! In this post, we will be looking at the Fragg mod from Vaptio, from the specs to general thoughts about the device!

    Vaptio Fragg Review

    Box Contents

    1 x FRAGG Mod
    1 x USB Type-C Cable
    1 x User Manual
    1 x Lanyard

    Mod Design

    The design of this mod is small, compact and lightweight. It’s perfect for those who are looking for the extra power but don’t want something bulky and awkward to carry. The mod also comes with a lanyard which helps keep your mod from having a tumble if you are a tad on the clumsy side. The diameter of the 510 plate is just shy of 23mm and the mod stands at 78mm tall.

    The material the Fragg is made from is a zinc alloy with plastic and Faux leather to keep the mod lightweight. The screen is located on the side just under the fire button and control buttons. The screen itself is a 0.69inch OLED screen which is nice and bright, I had no problems seeing the screen in any lighting.

    The buttons are a good size for the mod; they do have a slight texture to them which is good to see, my only issue with the buttons is that they aren’t as clicky as I prefer. I know it’s a small detail but I like to know when I’ve pressed something, I mean you know you’ve pressed the mod as it reacts quickly to the corresponding button but I just wanted a little more of a click with the button. As I say though, that’s just personal preference.

    A final note on the design is the charge port which is located underneath the control buttons and uses a type-c charger. I will talk more on this in the next section.

    Mod Features

    The Fragg comes with a few different modes and has some adjustability as well. I’ll list the controls of the mod and then discuss each mode on the mod below.

    • Turning the device on/off – five clicks of the fire button
    • Adjust Wattage – use the two buttons below the fire button
    • Access menu – Press the fire button three times.
    • Lock the device – Press and hold both adjustment buttons simultaneously.
    • Flip the screen – Press and hold both adjustment buttons simultaneously (note, the device will lock first, then after locking/unlocking it will flip).
    • Fire – Press and hold the fire button

    The Vaptio Fragg also comes with a few different modes to operate in, below is a list of these modes.

    • VW – This is standard wattage mode, the max output is 60w.
    • VV – This is voltage mode, the max output is 4v.
    • Pre – A pre-heat mode, the max output is 15w.
    • By – Bypass mode, this works depending on the battery voltage and resistance of the coil. The less battery you have, the less output you’ll get.
    • Settings – Adjust settings for sleep timer up to 20 seconds & vape time up to 10 seconds.

    The Fragg mod has a maximum and minimum resistance that ranges between 0.2 Ohm to 1.8 Ohm. The battery capacity is 2000mAh for all day vaping on low-medium wattage, and as mentioned before with the Type-C charging capabilities the Fragg charges up rapidly!

    Vaptio Fragg

    Pros and Cons

    As always, I’ll list what my pros and cons for this device are and explain my reasoning.


    • Lightweight and compact – It’s super light, weighing in at just 132g this is the perfect device for someone who doesn’t want something too big and bulky.
    • Plenty of different modes – I think with this device, there’s something for everyone here to use.
    • Fast charge – I would expect the device to charge from flat to full in less than an hour. I’ll update the blog when I find out for definite.


    • Pre-heat mode – To be honest, I think Vaptio missed a better option here, they could have gone for a curve mode to pre-heat coils which the user could have adjusted accordingly.
    • 510 Plate – The 510 plate is tiny which considering a lot of recent tanks are around the 24mm+ mark. A lot of tanks will overhang the plate.

    Final Thoughts

    So there we have it, the Vaptio Fragg mod, I think it is a decent mod for what you pay for it. If I was to pair this up with a tank, I would go for something like the Tecc Slider 2 for direct-lung, or the Innokin Zlide tank for a mouth-to-lung experience. If you are looking to get one, check out the link to get yours today!

    Vaptio Fragg Review

    What did you think of this Fragg showcase? You can leave a comment on our Facebook or Instagram to let us know!

    Thanks again for reading.

    Written by Cal

  4. Lockdown 2.0 – How are we operating?

    Lockdown 2.0 – How are we operating?

    We are officially back in lockdown! Stay safe everyone.

    This week it’s going to be a quick post about the lockdown and what we will be doing from the 5th of November till the 2nd of December (End date may be subject to change).

    So with the lockdown, as you may have heard in the news, all non-essential shops must be closed to the public, however, if a business is able to provide an online service or click and collect then they may remain operational so long as they do not allow customers in-store. Just like last time, we will be sending orders out for delivery via Royal Mail and DPD, but unlike last time our click and collect service can remain open! Below we will be going over how Click and Collect is going to work and how you can get ahold of all your E-Cig essentials.


    Ordering Online

    So as always, our website is available to place your order. When it comes to wanting to collect your order from our store, simply select the “Click & Collect from our Alfreton Store” at the last stage of checkout (you still need to fill out address details before getting to this stage). This is completely free to do so if you live local to the store then it saves you money on postage and time waiting for your favourite flavours or new kit to arrive!

    Once you have completed your order, you can start making your way down to the shop as the turn around time for collection is pretty fast – we can get your order ready within minutes.

    Once the order has been picked and checked, we will notify you via e-mail (please make sure it’s correct at checkout) that your order is ready! From there, simply press the doorbell on the front of the shop and provide your order number & name, or a copy of the invoice from your confirmation email at hand.


    Lockdown - how to click & collect on website


    Telephone Orders

    If for any reason you cannot use our website, don’t panic, as we can also take orders over the phone as well (it’s probably easier this way in all honesty)!

    To place a telephone order, simply call the shop (01773 687 073) and we will take your order and payment over the phone.

    When it comes to collecting your order, we will give you an order number which you can quote to us along with your name so we can then hand over the order to you. Again please press the door bell upon arrival.


    If you can’t collect from store, then don’t panic as we are still operating delivery with Royal Mail and DPD. These options are still available on the website or over the phone for if you are either shielding or are too far from the store.


    So whether you need a new kit or just a top-up on supplies, then we are still here ready to help.

    If you have any queries about ordering then feel free to contact us.


    Telephone: 01773 687 073


    We will be available for Click & Collect seven days a week at normal opening times, any order placed by our website for delivery will be dispatched on the same day providing the order was placed before 3pm, Monday to Friday.

    Thanks again for reading and we hope you are all staying safe.

    The Best E-Cigarette Crew.

    Vape Blog

  5. Innokin Adept Mod Review

    Innokin Adept Mod Review

    Good day readers, hope this finds you all well. Today we are going to be looking at the Innokin Adept Mod. We will go over the specs and features of the mod and what my personal opinion is of the mod itself.

    Innokin Adept Mod

    Specs of the Adept

    The Adept Mod is a 3000mAh battery with a max output of 17w. That wasn’t a typo, this mod is considered a mouth-to-lung (MTL) device so only has a low max output. This means the battery life of the Adept is fantastic. The mod is also made from IP67 materials which means that the device is shock resistant, dust resistant and water resistant which is ideal for those who are prone to a drop or two. The resistance range of the mod is from 0.4-3.0Ohm which means that those who want to use low resistance coils with this mode are not going to be able to use them. It stands around 85mm tall and about 44mm wide which means it’s not overly bulky but is still more bulky than the average MTL kit.


    Looking at the mod, we are greeted with a silicone looking material which is finished with a polished metal plate at the top and bottom of the mod. At the front of the mod we have the controls and fire button. The fire button is a decent size and in my opinion is quite ‘clicky’. As I’ve stated before this is a major bonus when I’m looking for a mod because I like to know I have pressed the button correctly. At the bottom of the mod there is another button which is the wattage selection button. We will get into the features of this button in the next section. At the bottom of the mod you’ll see the charge port which uses a Micro USB port and is covered with a snug bung to protect the port from dust and water.

    Overall I think the mod itself is very nice to look at, and when it comes to comfort, I’ve got to say it is comfortable and snug in the hand. It’s not too bulky like some mods I’ve had, but again its size is substantial enough to not lose it easily.


    To turn the Adept device on/off, press the fire button three times. When using the device, it uses bright LED lights to indicate battery life and power settings along with the strange looking symbols you’ll find under the mod itself (<] & [>). These represent the type of coil you have. With the Adept mod, there is an onboard detection system available which will pick up what the resistance the coil is. If it’s above 1.oOhm, it will use the 11-14w scale, then if it’s below 1.0Ohm, it will use the 14-17w. Do remember the minimum resistance of the mod is 0.4ohm which means anything below that wont fire due to the regulators that are also installed on the device. To change the wattage on the device, simply press the button at the bottom and cycle through the different wattages.

    Final Thoughts

    So with the Adept, it’s clear to see that this is a device made specifically for MTL vaping. Although the Zlide is the original tank to go with this device, I’ve been using the GS Drive tank rated at 0.75ohm and it works great. It’s good to see there’s a mod now with high mAh which is bulit for the MTL community in mind. My only real criticism on this is that I would have loved to see this mod use a Type-C Port as opposed to a Micro USB Port. With the Type-C, it would have been more efficient at charging the device meaning you wouldn’t have to wait as long for it to be fully charged to use. This would make a fantastic combo of huge battery life and rapid charge time! Other than that, I can’t see why you wouldn’t want the Adept. It’s sleek, comfortable and an all around solid device to use as a daily driver.

    To get your Innokin Adept Mod, click here.

    Thanks again for reading.

    This review was written by Cal

  6. A Guide To Rebuildable Atomisers

    Rebuildable Atomisers – What are they?

    Apologies in delay, I thought I’d set this post up for auto-publish; turns out I didn’t but thanks for checking in for the next blog post. I thought I would switch up from the reviews and go for a bit of a tutorial for using RBAs (Rebuildable Atomisers). I’ll discuss what RBAs are and the pros and cons of using them. Then to finish off, I’ll include a video tutorial of building coils onto an RBA as well.

    Rebuildable Atomisers

    What is an RBA?

    RBA stands for Rebuildable Atomiser. This is the general term for any tank/top that you build your own coils for. Rebuildables are divided into three main groups;

    • RDA – Rebuildable Dripping Atomiser – These are referred to as ‘drippers’ in the vaping community. There’s no tank as such as you’ll drip liquid directly onto the coils. The flavour from drippers is great but do remember you’ll need to regularly drip a small amount of liquid each time which some people consider tedious.
    • RTA – Rebuildable Tank Atomiser – These work similar to standard tanks but there’s a deck where you can install coils instead of just screwing in pre-made coils like you usually would. The flavour is again a lot better quality than standard tanks and has the bonus of actually holding a decent capacity of liquid unlike RDAs.
    • RBA – Rebuildable Atomiser – These are sometimes available for stock tanks such as the TFV8 cloud beast from Smok. They are usually used to convert your tank that takes stock coils into an RTA which is a great way to get into rebuildables.

    So with these three options, it might be hard to decide which would be best for you to use. The way I would look at this would be to decide when you tend to use your E-Cigarette the most. My habits are usually in the car going to work and back and when I’m home. For this reason, I prefer to use an RTA because I can’t use a dripper while driving as I would be distracted so I usually fill my tank full before I set off and it’ll last me the whole drive to work. I did however use RDA’s before and I do enjoy the vapour production and flavour much more than an RTA, but it depends on what your personal needs are (the RTA is just far more practical for me).

    Pros and Cons For RDA/RTA

    So as always I think it’s important to see what the pros and cons of using both RDA/RTA style tanks. Below I have listed them in their own categories.


    • Great Flavour.
    • Great Cloud Production.
    • Allows you to try different Flavours rather than waiting till the tanks empty.
    • Can be hard to build at first
    • Requires more attention for dripping


    • Great Flavour
    • Great Cloud Production
    • Can hold E-Liquid in a tank
    • When wicking the coils, the cotton needs to be spot on
    • Can leak if the wick is too thin
    • Won’t pull correctly if the wick is too thick

    Looking at the cons lists for both RDA and RTA’s looks bad but rest assured, these are cons which tend to happen less once you have gotten used to building and wicking coils. It is a bit of a learning curve but with practice and patience, you’ll not see these problems at all!

    Another pro for using rebuildable style tanks and drippers is that it is more cost-effective than using stock coils. Although the start-up might be a little bit expensive, the long term savings over buying coils every 1-2 weeks is much higher.

    What you’ll need to start using an RBA

    As I said in the previous paragraph, you’ll need a few things to help you get started with RBA style tanks, below is a list of components you’ll need

    Fortunately, we’ve got that all in stock on our website, I’ll add links to the RDA/RTA’s as well as to cotton and coils, for the tools, we sell a handy toolkit which you can get here.

    Rebuildable Atomisers

    Video tutorial

    I have popped a video tutorial on how to install and wick coils below. I’ve also added captions to explain what I’m doing as I’m building the RTA, feel free to use this if you need a little guidance.

    And that’s it, if you are stuck or want to be shown how to build in person, you can come down and we will be happy to help you any way we can!

    Thanks again for reading.

    Written by Cal

  7. NEW! Winny’s 50ml E-Liquid

    Looking for a new range of liquids to treat your tastebuds with? Check out Winny’s 50ml Range! We currently have 22 different flavours ranging from fruits and mints to desserts and sweets! Below we will go through the full range and describe the types of flavours you’ll get in this range!

    For this post, in order to give a personal opinion, I gave each of the flavours a try on my Pulse X RDA from Vandy Vape. You can get yours here if you wanted to get into coil building.

    Winny's 50ml

    Blackjack: The classic flavour that everyone seems to be trying to get a hold of! When I tried this liquid, it reminded me of the Barratts Blackjack sweets from the 10p pick & mix you used to get when you were younger.  a strong candy flavour!

    Banana Custard: Sweet lashings of creamy custard with big chunks of banana. This packs a lot of flavour and the balance between the banana and the custard is just right. Banana can often be an over-powering flavour so finding this balance isn’t always easy.

    Blueberry Muffin: I always like to see a Muffin flavour because they’re not as common as you would expect for saying actual baked muffins are so delicious. I’m over the moon that we’ve got one now! A rich, muffin base flavour with strong blueberry flavour. Blueberry always goes so well in E-Liquid too!

    Blue Raspberry Chewitz: Cast your mind back to when the small square chewy sweets were everyone’s go-to confectionary; the ones with the little dino as the mascot! Well we’ve brought them back with a blue raspberry twist and the result is delightful! You get plenty of the tangy blue raspberry but it’s got a lovely sweet candy undertone to take the edge off.

    Bubblegum Millionz: This flavour is rather sought after in the vaping community so the pressure was on – there was a lot to live up to! I can honestly say though, considering you usually see this flavour in “premium” brands at around £14.99 per 50ml, this one leaves me questioning why anyone would ever pay that! It’s absolutely spot on and for a fraction of the price – £4.99 is a steal!

    Cherry & Watermelon Nerdz: This is a winner for the sweet tooth vapers out there. Juicy cherries come together with refreshing watermelon and a sweet candy undertone. This flavour feels as if you’ve just bitten into one of those jelly sweets with the gooey centre that bursts in your mouth!

    Custard Doughnut: Nothing beats the smell of a freshly baked doughnut, especially when it’s filled with a generous helping of custard. This one is exactly what it says on the tin, definitely one for the dessert lovers out there. You get plenty of the moreish sugary dough at the start of the draw, then the lovely smooth custard pulls through which I think actually rounds the flavour off well and stops it from becoming too sweet.

    Fantango Ice Blast: Arguably one of the best drinks ever made now in a 60ml bottle! This one is a real sweet mix of berries finished off with an icy slush blast. The coolness balances the flavour off perfectly and as above stops the flavour being too sweet.

    Fruit Salad: If the blackjack wasn’t your style of classic sweets, maybe the fruit salad is! A real fruity number reminiscent of the Barratts chews.

    Grape Berry Mint: If you like a fresh kick with your fruits, this flavour could be worth a try! There’s plenty of depth to this one; black grapes and sweet berries provide a lovely fruity base, then they’re finished off with a cool minty after taste. This one is moreish, I couldn’t get enough of this one, you need it in your tank ASAP!

    Lemon & Lime Twister: Everyone’s favourite ice cream now in your e-liquid but with a lemon & lime twist! Here you get all the tartness of the lemons & limes, but they’re softened brilliantly by the sweet pineapple and creamy vanilla. This flavour is beautifully moreish!

    Lemon Tart: There’s no doubt that Lemon tart is one of the sought after tarts out there, so this one needed to be bang on the money. Winny definitely knows his pastries as this one is honestly devine. There’s lashings of lemon curd at the start of the draw, but then the crumbly buttery tart pulls through and rounds the flavour off so well. These just keep getting better!

    Mango Mint: Mango flavours have really started to take off again in my opinion; I don’t usually get a lot of people asking for this particular flavour but since lockdown and the distinct lack of travelling abroad, I guess the exotic flavours are a good replacement for them. Mango isn’t always an easy flavour to get right, but this has quite a lot of depth to it. It definitely reminded me of a very popular flavour called “Fat Boy” which was mango, lemon, lime and a touch of mint. This has the full-bodied mango with a hidden hint of citrus, but then the mint is quite prominent which is great if you love mint like me.

    Mr Pink: The popular “Pinkman” flavour reborn. Many have tried to replicate this, which is hard when the main fruit notes have never been revealed. Winny’s take, Mr Pink, is an intricate mix with high notes of strawberry, aniseed, blackcurrant and grapefruit. It’s such a great mix of sweet and sour; nothing stands out too much or overpowers the rest, so you just get this burst of fruit bouncing around on your tastebuds.

    Mr Red: Winny clearly likes his popular flavour replicas as he’s produced another one here. This one’s based on a certain well known “astaire” flavour that can definitely clear the sinuses. Sweet cherry and a whole host of delicious red berries are layered with aniseed and eucalyptus before being frozen with an icy menthol blast. This one really hits hard. Beautiful if you love mints and menthols, but definitely one to stay clear of if you don’t!

    Mr White: If everyone’s favourite chemistry teacher made E-Liquid, this would be the one. With Winny on a roll with classic e-liquid flavours, this was one he just couldn’t leave out! Earthy blackcurrants and a hint of mixed fruit are thrown together with aniseed and a strong hit of menthol. Another one for the menthol lovers!

    Parma Violetz: I don’t think there are many better flavours, but I’m pretty biased when it comes to parma violets since they are my favourite sweets! This tastes exactly like them. I love it. Not much more to add! I still can’t quite believe this range is just £4.99 per bottle!

    Rybena: A great flavour and it’s been popular since its release as well. Just as you’d expect, a sweet blackcurrant squash. I’ll be honest though, if you like your cordial very watered down, this one might not be for you. It’s a strong one!

    Sour Apples: Sour is a very tough sensation to crack in e-liquid, and it’s something that I absolutely love so I’m always thrilled when someone manages it. This one didn’t quite achieve proper sourness; it was ever so close, but I almost feel it’s for the better. The apples are wonderfully tart which almost emulates sourness in itself. Any more and I feel the flavour would be too much.

    Strawberry & Lime Cider: I think with this flavour, maybe we should have released it back in March when the pubs shut for lockdown, but better late than never I say. Sweet strawberries and fresh lime pressed in with an apple cider. This is a really refreshing taste. I’m not much of a cider drinker, so this one surprised me at how much I liked it.

    Strawberry Milkshake: Now I do like my dessert flavours and I’ve got to say that this strawberry milkshake really hits the spot. Although simple, it’s so rich and creamy. Definitely one that’s hard to put down.

    Vymto: I would say this is more of a candied vimto, with more of a sweetness to it than the squash. It definitely works and is a lovely flavour, but it’s just worth noting.

    To conclude with this range, its got a flavour that covers pretty much all the areas you’d want, I think it’s a well-round range with a huge selection and a remarkable price. At just £4.99 per bottle, to be honest, it’s a bargain in my opinion and you definitely get more than what you pay for when it comes down to the quality of the flavours.

    Thanks again for reading and if you want to order any of these flavours then you’re in luck as they are available on our website, check the like here to find out more!

    Winny's 50ml

    The review was written by Cal

  8. Joyetech Ego Pod Kit Review

    Joyetech Ego Pod Kit Review

    Good morning and welcome back to The Best E-Cigarette Blog! As you are probably aware, this month is Swaptober month which is where we encourage those who are smoking to make the switch to vaping and quit the habit for good. One issue is that vaping has become this complex world where picking your first kit can be hard. Of course here at The Best E-Cigarette, we want to pick the right kit for the right person, and recently I have discovered you can’t go far wrong with the Joyetech eGo Pod Kit. We were sent a sample for me to try, and I loved it so much we ended up stocking the device! For this reason, I figured I would do a full review about this kit.

    Please note, this review is not endorsed by anyone, it’s a full, unbiased review on the eGo Pod kit and all opinions on this kit are my own.

    What’s in the box?

    In the box you’ll get:

    1x Joyetech eGo Pod Battery

    1x Joyetech Ego Pod (installed) For extra pods, click here.

    1x Charge Lead

    1x Instructions Booklet

    Specs of the device

    Dimensions: 98 x 19mm
    Material: Stainless Steel + Plastic
    Battery: Built-in 1000mAh
    Chipset: Avatar IC 1.0
    Cartridge Capacity: 2.0ml
    Resistance: 1.2ohm
    Protection: low/high resistance, overheating, short circuit, overcharge / over-discharge
    Connector type: magnetic

    Look of the device

    The kit itself is sleek and lightweight and also very simplistic in its design which I think is great for a new vaper. The device comes in four different colours; Black, Silver, Blue and Rainbow (Irredesence if you want to be fancy). There are no buttons on this device which means it’s draw activated, another plus for a new vaper as it’s as close to a cigarette as possible.

    The pod section itself is also built well with a sturdy construction made from plastic which houses the built-in coil. It is a bottom fill but has a child-proof valve which we will look into more in the next section.

    Joyetech eGo Pod Kit

    These are the four colours available: Rainbow/Black/Silver/Blue


    The operation of this kit is pretty simple which again suits new vapers down to the ground. To fill the pod, simply pick your favourite juice (I’ve gone with the Exotic Delight from British Blend) and push it into the silver fill port/valve that’s at the base of the pod itself. This should push the valve inwards to allow liquid in. From there just squeeze the bottle until the pod is full. As with any coil, make sure you give the pod a good few minutes to prime (soak) the coil inside to avoid instantly burning the coil out!

    Joyetech eGo Pod Kit

    An image of the filling mechanism

    For using the device, place your pod into the battery; you’ll be able to turn the pod so it clicks into place. This is because the little ridge on the pod fits nicely into the opening of the battery. It’s also magnetized making it more secure and on top of all that, the LED light on the battery will flash white when the pod is installed correctly.

    To actually use the device, just inhale on the kit just like you would on a normal cigarette and it’ll power straight up. I’ve been very impressed with how quickly it does this!

    Joyetech eGo Pod Kit

    The LED light will flash white when a pod is installed, will also glow white when in use.

    Battery & Pod Lifespan

    The battery on this device, I’ve got to say is a bit mindblowing! I know that sounds a bit extreme but I’ll explain. The battery capacity of the kit is only 1000mAh which we know isn’t huge, however after using this device for the best part of a month, I’ve only really had to charge it once every two days.

    I think this is down to the resistance of the pods since they are only 1.2ohm and don’t draw out tonnes of power from the device. This makes this a major pro in my opinion and that’s not to mention that the pods tend to last around 3 weeks in my experience.

    The flavour is absolutely spot on too; the Exotic Delight liquid I was using tasted better in this that I’d ever experienced with any other starter kit I’ve tried! This kit also produces a decent level of vapour so you definitely know you’ve had a good drag!

    Joyetech eGo Pod Kit

    The pod and battery seperate.

    Pros and Cons

    I have compiled a list of pros and cons for the Joyetech eGo Pod kit below for you to check out!


    • Lightweight and sleek
    • Good battery life
    • Good pod lifespan
    • Easy to use
    • Excellent value for money
    • Actually leakproof


    • Could have done with a different resistance pod
    • Somewhere to attach a lanyard

    Final Thoughts

    Overall I think this truly is the best starter kit for anyone looking to quit smoking and start vaping. As I said with my concerns for this kit are quite minor as the kit works the way it is supposed to work, to replicate the feeling of smoking which it does extremely well with the breath activated draw.

    Joyetech eGo Pod

    The Joyetech eGo Pod Kit in blue.

    For the price of this kit, we’ve got them on sale for £19.99 which is fantastic value for the kit. If you are interested, check out the eGo Pod now!

    Once again thanks for checking out the review and I hope you found this post to be helpful.

    The review was written by Cal

  9. Geekvape Aegis Max Review

    Geekvape Aegis Max


    Hello and welcome back to another review. Here we have the absolute tank that is the Geekvape Aegis Max! I was very excited to get my hands on one of these, so without further ado, let’s get straight into it!

    Aegis Max Mod

    Geekvape Aegis Max Specs

    Mod Size: 93 x 46.3 x 34mm
    Battery: Single 20700/21700 (or 18650 with adapter)
    Temperature range: 100-315°C / 200-600°F
    Resistance range: 0.05-3ohm
    Dust resistant, water-resistant and shock-resistant
    Micro USB – 1.5A / 5V charge rate

    What I Used

    For the purpose of this review, I used the trusty Blotto RTA from Dovpo in collab with Youtube vape reviewer, The Vaping Bogan. Installed in said RTA I have some Coilology Twisted NI80 dual coils (with a resistance of 0.2ohm) with Cotton Bacon. For Juice, I went with the 70VG/30PG Banana Custard from our new Winny’s Range!

    Aegis Max Mod

    The Mod

    The Mod itself is a cracking piece of kit; with its design and look, it’s a little nod to the Aegis Solo but stands a little taller, and instead of taking a single 18650 battery, it’ll take a 21700 or 20700 battery. 18650 if you use the adapter which comes with the kit. To install the battery into your mod, all you have to do is unscrew the battery door on the bottom of the mod, this is a lot better than the catch doors we’ve seen on the Aegis Legend or the Ageis X, I’ve never really trusted catch doors to be fair and the threads on the Max are smooth and easy to screw/unscrew. As with standard for the Aegis series, the Aegis Max is also made from silicone and alloy materials which makes this mod IP67 certified, staying true to the series of the Aegis.

    Aegis Max Mod

    Features and settings

    The Aegis Max comes with an array of features which suit all vapers, below is all the features and how to set them up as well as how to use the device.

    How to operate

    Turn on/off – Press the fire button five times

    Adjust Wattage/Temp – Use the + and – buttons

    Lock Wattage/Temp/Settings – Press and hold the + and – Button

    Menu – Three Clicks of the fire button


    Settings and Programs

    Here I will talk about the different settings the mod has

    Power – This is your standard setting which most people are familiar with, you can adjust your wattage according to the wattage range of the coil with a max output of 100w

    Temp – Temp Control (TC) is the setting which allows you to run your tank depending on your coil material. you can choose from; Nichrome (NI) Stainless Steel (SS) and Titanium (TI). There is also a TCR mode which stands for Temperature Coefficient of Resistance, What this means is that the mod will take into account the resistance and material of the coil. if you are like me and this still goes over your head, less resistance, more heat at a faster rate, ill be honest, when I looked this up, I think I read it about four times to understand how this works!

    VPC – VPC which stands for Variable Power Control. This is a sort of curve setting which allows you to set how the coil behaves when in use. An example of this is if you vape at 50w, you can set the points to start from 30w and work your way up or start from 70w and work your way down as a sort of pre-heat mode.

    Bypass – Bypass mode is where the device will work depending on two factors; The resistance of the coils and the voltage of the battery, in short, the lower resistance and more charge on your battery you have, the more vapour production your tank will do. it works similar to a mechanical mod but the bonus of this is that you’ve got the safety features of a regulated mod!

    Aegis Max Mod


    Pros and Cons

    As with every mod and device, there’s pros and cons to each. I’m happy to report that the pros definitely outweigh the cons, ill list them below

    • IP67 Certified – Considering this is what the Aegis Series is all about, it’s good to see they have stuck with the core principles of the mod series.
    • Takes 18650/20700/21700 batteries – With a good selection of batteries that can be used, it doesn’t exclude anyone from using this mod.
    • Multiple Settings – This is handy for those who prefer different settings to standard wattage mode like myself.
    • Easy to use – If I can use it, anyone can!
    • Comfortable to hold – With the use of silicone, it makes this mod comfortable to hold and doesn’t feel bulky despite the materials used
    • Battery door handle – Although i wouldn’t be overly concerned about this con, i would feel those who may have sensitive skin, the handle might irritate your fingers but as I said, this is a very minor con.



    In conclusion, I am extremely impressed with this mod, it has everything you expect from a series like this. Geekvape has always outdone themselves with there hardware, you only need to look at devices like the Blade Mod which is a dual 21700 mod or the Ammit RTA as well. If you are looking for a single battery mod, I would highly recommend this to anyone! Click here to get yours now.

    Thanks for reading.

    Written by Cal


  10. Voopoo Drag Mini Refresh Review

    Voopoo Drag Mini Refresh Review

    Welcome back to another review from The Best E-Cigarette! In today’s review, we will be looking at the newly released Voopoo Drag Mini Refresh Kit which features the exciting PnP tank!

    Drag Mini Refresh

    Drag Mini Refresh Kit

    What’s in the box?

    1x Drag Mini Mod

    1x PnP Pod Tank (2ml Capacity)

    1x 0.15 ohm PnP-VM6 Coil (60w-80w)

    1x 0.2 ohm PnP-VM5 Coil (40w-60w)

    1x Micro USB Cable

    1x User Manual


    Dimensions: 127.6mm x 25.5mm x 48.5mm (with tank)

    Device Materials: Zinc Alloy, Resin (Black Edition)

    E-Liquid Capacity: 2ml

    Tank Materials: Stainless Steel, PCTG

    Output Power: 5W – 117W

    Output Voltage: 0V – 7.5V

    Supported Resistance: 0.05 ohm – 5.0 ohm (we do not recommend using an atomiser below 0.1ohm)

    Battery Capacity: 4400mAh

    Compatible Coils: VOOPOO PnP Coils

    Drag Mini Mod

    The Drag Mini Mod in this kit is the same fantastic Drag Mini that came with the previous Drag Mini / UForce Tank kit. The mod was so good that nothing needed changing with the Refresh edition! This compact mod holds an internal 4400mAh battery for all day vaping and is charged by a Micro USB Cable supplied in this kit.

    Voopoo Drag Mini Mod

    Voopoo Drag Mini Mod

    The max output on this device is 117w and it comes equipped with the Gene Fit Chip for rapid press-to-fire time, precise accuracy of settings and the option to optimise battery life, flavour or cloud production.

    PnP Pod Tank

    Some of you may recognise the PnP Pod; it has been seen on other successful Voopoo devices such as the Drag X and Drag S Pod kits. It was so popular that Voopoo decided to turn it into a tank! They created a base with 510 threading where the PnP Pod magnetically clicks into (just like it does into the Drag X & S kits) so the PnP Pod can be used as a tank on any 510 threaded mod. This can be sold on its own or as part of a kit, in this case with the Drag Mini Refresh Kit. The coils for this tank are the PnP coils that were used on the above Drag Pod Kits and the much loved Vinci series, so we already know they’re going to be good as everybody raves about them!

    Voopoo Drag Mini Refresh PnP Tank With adapter which can be used by any battery/mod

    Voopoo PnP Pod Tank

    The PnP Tank has AFC (Air Flow Control) on its base so you can alter how tight/loose the draw is, along with a push-fit coil system for easy installation. To change the coils, simply remove the pod section from the base, pull the old coil out of the pod, then push in a new one. Make sure your pod is empty before removing the coil as the contents will spill out as you remove the coil.

    To fill this tank, again remove the pod from the base of the tank and unplug the bung located at the bottom of the pod, from there you can fill up with your favourite flavours (I went with the 70VG/30PG Bubblegum Millionz from Winny’s for this review). Once the tank is full, plug your pod back up and place back into the base.

    PnP Coils

    In the box, you’ll get two of the PnP coils, both of which are mesh coils for improved lifespan and flavour than more traditional coils.

    VM6: This is a 0.15ohm coil which runs at 60w-80w. This is quite powerful for a coil that looks quite small compared to a lot of high power coils, but it definitely holds its own and packs a big punch (I’ll get onto more detailed performance later in the review).

    VM5: The 0.2ohm coil that comes with the kit runs between 40w to 60w. For saying my usual daily kit is a mech mod with coils around 0.11omh (meaning lots of power), I did enjoy the hit of this coil a lot, in fact maybe better than the 0.2ohm coil.

    The PnP coil range does have wide variety of coils to choose from, including a 1.0ohm coil for those who were looking for a mouth-to-lung Kit with an absolute powerhouse of a battery.


    To turn the device on/off, press the fire button five times in quick succession

    Change modes on the device: Press the fire button three times in quick succession

    Lock Device: Press and hold the fire button and + button

    Flip Screen: Press and hold the fire button and – button

    Regular Wattage mode: This is the standard mode where you can adjust your wattage to whatever you like

    Smart Wattage mode: This is quite a clever setting, when you install a new coil, it will adjust your wattage to the correct setting i.e. a coil between 40w-60w would probably adjust to 50w.

    Temp Control mode: This mode supports Stainless Steel (SS) Nichrome (Ni) and Titanium (TI) Types of coils.

    FIT Mode: With FIT Mode, it will find a setting that is best for battery life (FIT 1), flavour (FIT 2), or cloud production (FIT 3).

    Custom Mode: This mode allows the user to set a curve which will pre-heat the coil when you fire it. To adjust this, hold the + and – buttons at the same time, use the fire button to select which parameter you would like to adjust and then use the + & – buttons to change them accordingly.


    To begin with, the menus on the Drag Mini mod are really easy to navigate through which is a huge plus as some mods can get too technical with settings in my opinion. I decided to use the 0.15ohm coil first as I was eager to see if it could actually work comfortably on its recommended wattage for such a small coil. The coils are really easy to fit as they push/pull out smoothly whilst still being secure when they’re in. The ease of filling surprised me too; I expected it to be fiddly with it being bottom fill with a rubber seal/bung, but you can just take the pod section out, stand your mod (with the 510 base still attached) on the side, then easily fill up with no hassle. The pod clicks in rather satisfyingly too thanks to the magnet. This sat well with me as I like to know something has secured in properly. I began with the standard wattage setting and set it straight to 60W with the airflow fully open. My doubts were seemingly misplaced from the first draw! The flavour was very strong and the cloud was very large and dense! After a full day of vaping on this setting (with very heavy use) there was no flavour drop off and the mod still had half its battery life left! On the second day I charged the mod back up to full before having a vape. We usually recommend waiting until the battery is flat or nearly flat to preserve battery life in the long run, but for the sake of the review I charged it at half. I then decided to really test the coil so I ramped it up to 80W and vaped away. I felt the flavour dropped off slightly as the coil was at the max of its recommended settings, but it was still very tasty and cloud production was obviously even bigger if that’s what you’re into. By the end of the day my battery was nearly flat but the coil was still going strong. On the third day I decided to play around with some of the other settings. I tried the FIT modes but in all honesty didn’t notice too much of a difference with any of them. The curve feature seems great and quite detailed, but I’m more than happy on standard wattage, so found myself back on wattage mode at 60W. I got to day 5 with the coil still not showing any signs of burning, but decided to swap to the 0.2ohm coil to see how that performed. With a wattage range of 40W-60W I decided to start right in the middle, and from the first draw I noticed a significant improvement to the (already very impressive) 0.15ohm coil. The flavour was even better. It seems I got lucky and found the sweet spot straight away (at least for my personal preference), as I tried multiple wattages above and below this afterwards and found myself back on 50W in the end. The cloud is still great too so after the first day I’d already made my mind up that this coil was my favourite (whilst hoping it didn’t prove me wrong by suddenly burning out). On the second day I had a play around with the other settings again, but found that standard wattage mode more that satisfied my needs. I’m on day 6 with this coil whilst writing this review and it’s still doing well! Flavour has dropped ever so slightly, but that could also be a bit of vaper’s tongue. No signs of burning yet so fingers crossed it lasts a while!

    *UPDATE* I got to day 10 when the coil started showing signs of burning out, then it eventually went by the end of day 11. I consider this a decent coil lifespan as 50W is relatively high and I do literally have my kit in my hand all day!


    Solid mod, nicely built

    Works with the pods from the Drag X/Drag S

    Big Battery Capacity

    Great flavour and vapour on both coils

    Surprisingly easy to fill

    Easy coil change

    Easy menu navigation

    Handy smart wattage mode

    Compatible with other coils for different vaping experiences


    Not compatible with the Vinci Pods

    Not able to change drip tip

    voopoo drag mini refresh

    Final Thoughts!

    Overall I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the Drag Mini Refresh. It’s been a great series of mods ever since the original Drag came out, and the Drag Mini only continues that fantastic reputation. They are reliable and well built with a great chipset. Click here to get yours now!

    Thanks for reading and I hope you all enjoyed the review of the Drag Mini Refresh kit! As always you can check out our Facebook & Instagram pages for daily updates.

    This review was written by Cal


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