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Liquid Rage E-Liquid Product Showcase!

Liquid Rage is a brand new premium 10ml E-Liquid range with a wide array of flavours in an 80VG/20PG mix. Each of these are unique with intricate fruit, sweetie and dessert combinations carefully concocted to satisfy even the most experienced vapers! These liquids are available in 3mg and 6mg for just £3.99 per bottle!

Let’s have a look what we’ve got in stock:

Liquid Rage Beetle Juice E-Liquid

Liquid Rage Beetle Juice

“The only beetle in the world that is sweet and juicy! Beetlejuice is a veritable cocktail of flavours combined to create a fantastically fruity vape. Strawberry, mango, pineapple, raspberry; there’s 4 of your 5 a day right there!” Available in 3mg & 6mg.

Liquid Rage Black Monk E-Liquid

Liquid Rage Black Monk

“Not for the faint hearted, Black Monk combines the potency of blackcurrant, menthol and aniseed to create a liquid that will blow your mind. Seductive and addictive, this flavour will unleash your inner taste buds.” Available in 3mg & 6mg.

Liquid Rage Blue Muff E-Liquid

Liquid Rage Blue Muff

“The taste of a warm, moist muffin bursting with the flavour of fresh blueberries is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Add the sweetness of a sparkling sugar crust and Blue Muff is a liquid to die for!” Available in 3mg.

Liquid Rage Bunny Milk E-Liquid

Liquid Rage Bunny Milk

“Smooth creamy custard combined with strawberry goodness makes Bunny Milk a must have. Sweet, fluffy and moreish you’ll be hopping for more!” Available in 3mg.

Liquid Rage Dingoberry E-Liquid

Liquid Rage Dingoberry

“The beast you’ll never let go of! Citrus soda with a hint of blackberry followed by a cool refreshing bite. Dingoberry will leave you drooling after each and every vape.” Available in 3mg.

Liquid Rage Grizzly Tears E-Liquid

Liquid Rage Grizzly Tears

“If you like your juice tongue tingling with eye watering sourness then Grizzly Tears is for you! The potent combination of cola and sour apples will shock your tongue like no other. Can you bear it? Note; tissues not included.” Available in 3mg & 6mg.

Liquid Rage Jammy Doh E-Liquid

Liquid Rage Jammy Doh

“The irresistible woft of fresh doughnuts never fails to get your taste buds tingling in anticipation. Add in that magical moment when the jam starts to ooze and Jammy Doh delivers a vape that smells as good as it tastes!” Available in 3mg & 6mg.

Liquid Rage Key Dream E-Liquid

Liquid Rage Key Dream

“Key lime and cookies are a match made in heaven. Positively dreamy and exploding with flavour, every vape with Key Dream is as blissful as it is delicious.” Available in 3mg.



Liquid Rage Purp E-Liquid

Liquid Rage Purp

“Juicy grape smashed together with pink raspberry and blackcurrant, that’s the best way to describe this Purp-licious concoction. Tangy, sweet and totally zingy, the flavours entwine to give you a monster experience.” Available in 3mg & 6mg.

Liquid Rage Splunk E-Liquid

Liquid Rage Splunk

“The wacky combo of pear drops and hubbalicious strawberry bubble gum will have you salivating in anticipation of your next taste of Splunk.” Available in 3mg & 6mg.

Liquid Rage Squidink E-Liquid

Liquid Rage Squid Ink

“Experience the sweet, chewy flavour of aniseed sweets without the black tongue! One squirt of Squidink is all you need for A vibrant vape that you’ll never forget.” Available in 3mg & 6mg.


All flavours are available in 3mg and 6mg, however some of them we only currently stock in 3mg. If there’s a flavour you would like us to order in 6mg then please feel free to let us know! You can email us at, call us on 01773 687073, message us on our social media channels or come in store to ask us!

There are also more flavours available that we’re yet to try; take a look at the list below, and as above, if there are any you would like us to order then just get in touch!

Clown Ass – “You’ll be grinning like a clown when the sharp rhubarb bursts through the creamy custard. Clown Ass brings together good and evil to create a vape that will give you more sweet dreams than nightmares!”

Gran’s Tart – “Gran’s Tart evokes memories of childhood visits to Grandma. Biting through the moist biscuity base allowing the tangy lemon curd to flood through your mouth. Relive those happy days with each and every vape.”

Heisenborg – “Imagine Mr. White as a futuristic borg; this would be the result. A frantic fusion of fruity berries, crystal eucalyptus and a menthol injection makes Heisenborg a popular choice.”

Juicy P – “Get a handful of this! Imagine biting into a succulent juicy peach but without the sticky mess on your chin, that’s the sensation every time you relax with Juicy P.”

Pinkgun – “Pinkgun is a mouth watering juice that never fails to hit the target. A fantastic foursome of raspberry, grapefruit, lemon and lime results in a tongue-tastic vape that pops with flavour.”

Red Monk – “Prepare for an assault on the senses as the red cherry, black grape, menthol and aniseed of the Red Monk get to work! Explore your dark side with this devilishly delectable juice.”

S’Lush – “Now you can enjoy the flavours of your favourite slushy in this cool fruitful vape. Blue raspberries and blueberries mingle together to make S’lush a flavour guaranteed to deliver satisfaction.”

Smokey Jack – “Smokey Jack is an irresistible blend of creamy butter toffee and butterscotch which then give way to to an undertone of caramel tobacco. A sensationally smooth blend that will satisfy both tobacco and sweet lovers.”

Twisted – “The tangy zest of lime, comforting flavour of vanilla ice cream and a touch of strawberry come together to create a Twisted vape that is the love child of a delicious dairy dessert.”

Unicorn Blood – “Ever wondered what Unicorn Blood tastes like? The last of these mythical creatures was drained of their milky raspberry lushness. May they live on inside you forever!”