Smok R-KISS Kit

SMOK R-KISS Kit Review!


When it comes to dual 18650 kits, I often find that they can be too bulky for the hand and are uncomfortable in the pocket. However, with the innovation of SMOK, they’ve released the R-KISS Kit. In today’s review, we will be looking at the full kit which comes with the TFV-Mini V2 tank and seeing how this kit stacks up with everything else on the market.

The R-KISS Mod

The mod itself is a dual 18650 battery mod with a max output of 200w. It is compact which makes it a lot easier to carry around in the pocket and at 77mm tall and 44mm wide it’s pretty small compared to previous Smok mods like the Alien TC220 and the Procolour kit. As for the rest of the mod, you’ve got the classic side-bar firing button which we have seen quite a lot with SMOK products over time. The button is quite ‘clicky’ which is a major positive in my book as I like to know the button has pressed properly. There are also adjustment buttons at the bottom of the LCD screen which again are quite clicky, and there’s a micro USB port at the bottom between the adjustment buttons which is in a good position to comfortably stand the mod up while charging. Please remember though you are better off charging your batteries in a bay charger (Click Here for Bay Chargers) if your mod takes more than one battery. This is because bay chargers ensure each battery is charged evenly and at the same rate, so all batteries receive the same charge and not one is favoured over the other(s).⁠ On the subject of batteries, the battery door is located underneath the mod which is quite sturdy; I guess SMOK have learnt their lesson with these doors since the Alien Mod was prone to popping open on its own!

As for features on the R-KISS mod, it is very minimal, as much as I would like to have seen SMOK’s trademark menu system, the idea behind the kit was to keep things as easy as possible for sub-ohm vaping. This means no complex menu system to contend with, just wattage adjustment. The only real option you can change on this device is your colour scheme by pressing and holding the positive and negative buttons simultaneously, this allows you to cycle through the colours so that it’s to your personal taste.

Because this mod uses two 18650 batteries that aren’t included, this gives the user the option to choose what batteries they go for. Being a heavy user I need good battery life (high ‘mAh’ on batteries), so I opted for two of the Efest 3100mAh batteries which lasted me over a day before they needed charging.



TFV-Mini V2

The tank that this kit comes with is the TFV-Mini V2. Again when it comes to stock tanks, I don’t usually hold out much hope for them, considering I’m more of an RBA/RTA person myself. I tend to use the tank a couple of times and then switch back to my Geekvape Zeus RTA. However, for this review, I did use this tank quite a bit and put it through the paces. To be fair, it came out on top!

The tank itself is built well with some good machining on the base and top cap of the tank; everything opens smoothly but with just the right amount of resistance so there’s no cheap feel. The diameter of the tank is 25mm which is standard for a lot of sub tanks and it does sit nice and central on the R-KISS kit which is another point I quite like about the kit.

Filling the tank is simply done by holding down the button at the top of the tank and then twisting the top cap to open and reveal the fill hole on the side. From there you can go ahead and put in your favourite juice (I’ve been using the Soft Mints from VPR). When you have filled your tank, simply push it shut and vape away (after leaving it to soak for 5 minutes if it’s a fresh coil, of course).

Changing the coil is also simple. To do this, unscrew the base of the tank and then unscrew your coil from the base. Then just screw in a new coil and put the tank back together.

A1 & A2 Coils

The Kit comes with two coils, one pre-installed and the other as a spare coil. Both of these are mesh coils for optimum flavour, vapour and longevity. These coils, in my opinion, are my favourite ones to use but the TFV-Mini V2 does have a wide choice of coils available for different vaping experiences. These include the S1, S2, K1 and K2 coils.

The A1 coil is rated at 0.17ohms with a range of 90w-140w whilst the A2 is a Dual 0.2ohm coil with a range of 70-120w. In my personal opinion, I tend to get the idea that SMOK might be over-rating the coils which has happened before with their coils. To remedy this, I ran my coils lower than the minimum which allowed me to choose what’s best for the coil. For example when using the A1 coil which runs between 90w – 140w I first used this at 50w which still performed adequately, then slowly increased the wattage until I found that around 85w was perfect for me in terms of flavour and vapour production. I was getting the full, strong, fresh mint but with the perfect amount of sweetness, all accompanied by deep clouds of vapour. I got around 10 days out of this coil (with quite heavy use) before it burnt out and I had to change it. I started the A2 (0.2 Ohm / 70-120w) on 40w which again performed okay; I eventually ended up on 70w (the bottom end of the recommended wattage range for this coil) and found this gave me the best flavour and vapour. I’m still using this coil now and I’m on day 8 with it – still going strong!


After using the R-KISS kit for a while, I found it to be the simple kit that just keeps on giving. It is so easy to use for a powerful sub ohm kit, and I was very pleased with the overall performance of the kit considering I’m used to a Mech / RBA or RTA setup. If I had to pick a fault with the kit it would be based on a small feature of the tank which is its drip tip. I enjoy the idea of having my own custom drip tips on top of my tank, but the tank’s drip tip is essentially just a sleeve which fits over the top of the tank instead of being an interchangeable / universal drip tip. I know this is very minute flaw when the rest of the kit has impressed me so much, but it has to be said! I would still certainly recommend this to someone who wants to transition from mouth-to-lung (MTL) to Sub-Ohm and is looking for something easy to use with no hassle.

If you are looking to get an R-KISS Kit, we’ve got them available on our online store and also in-store as well! Click here and get yours today.

Thanks again for reading.

This review was written by Cal.

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