NEW! Winny’s 50ml E-Liquid

Looking for a new range of liquids to treat your tastebuds with? Check out Winny’s 50ml Range! We currently have 22 different flavours ranging from fruits and mints to desserts and sweets! Below we will go through the full range and describe the types of flavours you’ll get in this range!

For this post, in order to give a personal opinion, I gave each of the flavours a try on my Pulse X RDA from Vandy Vape. You can get yours here if you wanted to get into coil building.

Winny's 50ml

Blackjack: The classic flavour that everyone seems to be trying to get a hold of! When I tried this liquid, it reminded me of the Barratts Blackjack sweets from the 10p pick & mix you used to get when you were younger.  a strong candy flavour!

Banana Custard: Sweet lashings of creamy custard with big chunks of banana. This packs a lot of flavour and the balance between the banana and the custard is just right. Banana can often be an over-powering flavour so finding this balance isn’t always easy.

Blueberry Muffin: I always like to see a Muffin flavour because they’re not as common as you would expect for saying actual baked muffins are so delicious. I’m over the moon that we’ve got one now! A rich, muffin base flavour with strong blueberry flavour. Blueberry always goes so well in E-Liquid too!

Blue Raspberry Chewitz: Cast your mind back to when the small square chewy sweets were everyone’s go-to confectionary; the ones with the little dino as the mascot! Well we’ve brought them back with a blue raspberry twist and the result is delightful! You get plenty of the tangy blue raspberry but it’s got a lovely sweet candy undertone to take the edge off.

Bubblegum Millionz: This flavour is rather sought after in the vaping community so the pressure was on – there was a lot to live up to! I can honestly say though, considering you usually see this flavour in “premium” brands at around £14.99 per 50ml, this one leaves me questioning why anyone would ever pay that! It’s absolutely spot on and for a fraction of the price – £4.99 is a steal!

Cherry & Watermelon Nerdz: This is a winner for the sweet tooth vapers out there. Juicy cherries come together with refreshing watermelon and a sweet candy undertone. This flavour feels as if you’ve just bitten into one of those jelly sweets with the gooey centre that bursts in your mouth!

Custard Doughnut: Nothing beats the smell of a freshly baked doughnut, especially when it’s filled with a generous helping of custard. This one is exactly what it says on the tin, definitely one for the dessert lovers out there. You get plenty of the moreish sugary dough at the start of the draw, then the lovely smooth custard pulls through which I think actually rounds the flavour off well and stops it from becoming too sweet.

Fantango Ice Blast: Arguably one of the best drinks ever made now in a 60ml bottle! This one is a real sweet mix of berries finished off with an icy slush blast. The coolness balances the flavour off perfectly and as above stops the flavour being too sweet.

Fruit Salad: If the blackjack wasn’t your style of classic sweets, maybe the fruit salad is! A real fruity number reminiscent of the Barratts chews.

Grape Berry Mint: If you like a fresh kick with your fruits, this flavour could be worth a try! There’s plenty of depth to this one; black grapes and sweet berries provide a lovely fruity base, then they’re finished off with a cool minty after taste. This one is moreish, I couldn’t get enough of this one, you need it in your tank ASAP!

Lemon & Lime Twister: Everyones favourite ice cream now in your vape, a mixture of sweet lemon and limes with a creamy undertone and a touch of frost.

Lemon Tart: There’s no doubt that Lemon tart is one of the nicest sorts of tarts out there, lashing of lemon curd in a crumbly pastry case.

Mango Mint: Mango flavours have really started to take off again in my opinion, I don’t usually get a lot of people asking for this particular flavour in general but since lockdown and the distinct lack of travelling abroad, I guess the exotic flavours are a good replacement for them, this is one you should try, a nice bold mango flavour with a cool mint aftertaste.

Mr Pink: A popular flavour reborn, a mixture of blackcurrant and tangy citrus fruits to get the tastebuds tingling.

Mr Red: Based on a popular flavour, red currants and aniseed with a strong hit of menthol, quite refreshing in my opinion

Mr White: If everyone’s favourite chemistry teacher made E-Liquid, this would be the one, Blackcurrants and aniseed with a strong hit of menthol making a fresh vape!

Parma Violetz: I don’t think there’s a better flavour but I’m pretty biased when it comes to parma violets since they are my favourite sweets!

Rybena: A great flavour and its been popular since its release as well, sweet blackcurrants squashed into a bottle, a good drinks flavour.

Sour Apples: Even though sour is quite a tough flavour to crack when it comes to making E-Liquid, I’ve got to say that this packs some serious flavour, tart green apples with a bitter kick.

Strawberry & Lime Cider: I think with this flavour, maybe we should have released it back in March when the pubs shut for lockdown but better late than never I say, sweet strawberries and fresh lime pressed in with an apple cider, for that refreshing taste.

Strawberry Milkshake: Now I do like my dessert flavours and I’ve got to say that this strawberry milkshake is a great flavour to be honest, so rich and creamy, definitely one that’s hard to put down.

Vymto: I would say this is more of a candied vimto, like the pineapple cubes but with vimto instead, good flavour though.

To conclude with this range, its got a flavour that covers pretty much all the areas you’d want, I think it’s a well-round range with a good selection and a good price as well, RRP of a bottle is £4.99 which, to be honest, is a bargain in my opinion and you get more than what you pay for when it comes down to the quality of the flavours.

Thanks again for reading and if you want to order any of these flavours then you’re in luck as they are available on our website, check the like here to find out more!

Winny's 50ml

The review was written by Cal

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