Innokin Adept Mod Review

Innokin Adept Mod Review

Good day readers, hope this finds you all well. Today we are going to be looking at the Innokin Adept Mod. We will go over the specs and features of the mod and what my personal opinion is of the mod itself.

Innokin Adept Mod

Specs of the Adept

The Adept Mod is a 3000mAh battery with a max output of 17w. That wasn’t a typo, this mod is considered a mouth-to-lung (MTL) device so only has a low max output. This means the battery life of the Adept is fantastic. The mod is also made from IP67 materials which means that the device is shock resistant, dust resistant and water resistant which is ideal for those who are prone to a drop or two. The resistance range of the mod is from 0.4-3.0Ohm which means that those who want to use low resistance coils with this mode are not going to be able to use them. It stands around 85mm tall and about 44mm wide which means it’s not overly bulky but is still more bulky than the average MTL kit.


Looking at the mod, we are greeted with a silicone looking material which is finished with a polished metal plate at the top and bottom of the mod. At the front of the mod we have the controls and fire button. The fire button is a decent size and in my opinion is quite ‘clicky’. As I’ve stated before this is a major bonus when I’m looking for a mod because I like to know I have pressed the button correctly. At the bottom of the mod there is another button which is the wattage selection button. We will get into the features of this button in the next section. At the bottom of the mod you’ll see the charge port which uses a Micro USB port and is covered with a snug bung to protect the port from dust and water.

Overall I think the mod itself is very nice to look at, and when it comes to comfort, I’ve got to say it is comfortable and snug in the hand. It’s not too bulky like some mods I’ve had, but again its size is substantial enough to not lose it easily.


To turn the Adept device on/off, press the fire button three times. When using the device, it uses bright LED lights to indicate battery life and power settings along with the strange looking symbols you’ll find under the mod itself (<] & [>). These represent the type of coil you have. With the Adept mod, there is an onboard detection system available which will pick up what the resistance the coil is. If it’s above 1.oOhm, it will use the 11-14w scale, then if it’s below 1.0Ohm, it will use the 14-17w. Do remember the minimum resistance of the mod is 0.4ohm which means anything below that wont fire due to the regulators that are also installed on the device. To change the wattage on the device, simply press the button at the bottom and cycle through the different wattages.

Final Thoughts

So with the Adept, it’s clear to see that this is a device made specifically for MTL vaping. Although the Zlide is the original tank to go with this device, I’ve been using the GS Drive tank rated at 0.75ohm and it works great. It’s good to see there’s a mod now with high mAh which is bulit for the MTL community in mind. My only real criticism on this is that I would have loved to see this mod use a Type-C Port as opposed to a Micro USB Port. With the Type-C, it would have been more efficient at charging the device meaning you wouldn’t have to wait as long for it to be fully charged to use. This would make a fantastic combo of huge battery life and rapid charge time! Other than that, I can’t see why you wouldn’t want the Adept. It’s sleek, comfortable and an all around solid device to use as a daily driver.

To get your Innokin Adept Mod, click here.

Thanks again for reading.

This review was written by Cal

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