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  1. Smok TFV8 Cloud Beast 6ml Tank Review


    Here we have the incredibly powerful new tank that SMOK brings to the table, which will provide you with a completely unique vaping experience. The TFV8 is the ultimate sub-ohm atomiser and has three different coil heads available: V8-T10, V8-T8, V8-T6, V8-Q4, as well as the Turbo RDA head: V8 Turbo RBA. Whether it’s the atomiser head with four, six or eight coils inside, they are all incredibly impressive!

    The Kit Includes

    • 1 x TFV8 Cloud Beast Tank
    • 1 x V8-T8 Octuple Coil Head (0.15ohm)
    • 1 x V8-Q4 Octuple Coil Head (0.15ohm) (Buy additional coils here.)
    • 1 x V8 Exclusive Turbo RBA Head (0.28ohm)
    • 1 x 510 RDA drip tip adapter
    • 1 x Replacement Glass Tube
    • 1 x User Manuel
    • Spare Parts


    Size: 24.5mm x 69mm

    Weight: 74g

    Material: Stainless Steel

    Thread: 510

    Capacity: 5.5ml (with T8-V8)/6.0ml (with T8-Q4)

    Price: £39.99


    Smok TFV8 Cloud Beast 6ml Tank










    Unique four, six and eight coil heads!

    Here are all the coils that are compatible with the Cloud Beast, a few details about each one and what benefits you can get from the different coils:

    V8-T10 Coil

    • 0.12ohm decuple Coils
    • Kanthal Clapton coils material
    • 50w-300w (BEST 130w-190w)


    V8-T8 Coil

    • Brings you deep and rich flavour
    • Patented octuple coil
    • 0.15ohm 50w-260w (BEST 120w-180w)


    V8-T6 Coil

    • Brings you deep and rich flavour while providing you a cool and smooth hit
    • Patented sextuple Coil
    • 0.2ohm 50w-240w (BEST 110w-150w)


    V8-Q4 Coil

    • Brings you a smooth and silky taste
    • Patented Quadruple Coil
    • 0.15ohm 50w-180w (BEST 90w-150w)


    V8 RBA

    • 0.18mm large deck, suitable for all types of material wire
    • Pre-installed: Patented fused
    • Clapton duel coils 0.28ohm (50w-140w)


    Bigger, Better Airflow Control!

    Compared with the previous airslots of the TFV4 (which were four small ones), the SMOK TFV8 has two bigger adjustable air slots on the bottom, which allow for more variation and option where your airflow is concerned. It can be adjusted quickly and easily which allows you to have a unique vaping experience.

    Bigger Heating Air Tube!

    The TFV8 has had its heating air tube increased to be more compatible with the enlarged air slots for higher airflow efficiency. Its diameter has been increased by 15%, and the area increased by 30%; a massive change compared to the TFV4 and allowing more vapour and flavour to come through with each drag.

    The Cloud Beast requires a lot of power for it to work at its best so here are a few mods that we would recommend with the Cloud Beast; Eleaf 200w Mod, Snowwolf 200w Mod, Laisimo L3 TC 200w Mod, Tesla Touch TC150W, Sigelei Fuchai TC 213w Mod.

    Top Filling!

    All the great e-cigarette companies are jumping on the top-filling band wagon and SMOK certainly hasn’t missed a trick here. But while some tanks have to screw off and others have to be pulled up and then filled from the side, the TFV8 eradicates all that messing about; the top of this tank simply slides to the side and has adopted an even wider hole.

    A User’s Testimony and Our Verdict!

    The boss of our company uses the Cloud Beast himself and believes that there are both pros and cons to the tank. He likes that this is an easy top filling tank, is amazed by how smooth and flavourful the hit is and adds that to say it can be set on incredibly high settings (100w+) it doesn’t get any burnt flavour, which is pretty cool! The 6ml tank is also a bonus but unfortunately it needs to have the large capacity as he has admitted that liquid is absolutely abolished through this tank.

    This is one of the most exciting and innovative tank systems we’ve ever had in store. It’s incredibly popular amongst customers (it was the most requested tank before we got it in store) and for good reason. If you’re a more experienced vaper and you’re looking for a step up to your current subohm tank, this is the way forward. For £39.99, this isn’t a tank to pass up!

  2. Artery Nugget TC50W Mod V2 Review

    Artery Nugget TC50W Mod V2

    We recently decided to branch out and try a few new brands that we’d never had in before and one of these was ‘Artery’. None of us here at The Best E Cigarette had come across anything from this manufacturer, however we were drawn to one product in particular due to its amazingly small, compact size: The Artery Nugget Mod! This truly was an exciting and popular device, so much so that we have decided to get its successor in too; please welcome the Artery Nugget Version 2 (V2) Mod! This mod packs a real kick, all with the same astoundingly tiny size as the original! We just had to give you a review on this wonderful device! Before we get into the bulk of it though, here are the Artery Nugget V2’s specifications:

    * 510 Threaded

    * Gold Plated Copper 510

    * Variable Wattage Range: 5.0W to 50.0W

    * Battery: Internal 1500mAh

    * Minimum Resistance 0.10 Ohms

    * Adjustable TCR

    * Adjustable Backlight (screen brightness)

    * Quick Charge Support

    * Upgradeable Firmware

    * Low voltage protection

    * Short circuit protection

    * Low resistance protection

    * Low battery warning

    * USB charging capable

    Artery Nugget TC50W Mod V2










    The Artery Nugget Version 2 has been much improved from the original. It possesses a built-in 1500mAh quick charge battery and – as well as the wattage and voltage control – also has the added temperature control feature both of which are greatly needed and appreciated for a mod like this one. The OLED screen is bright and clear with the option of turning the brightness up and down to suit your own needs. To accompany this the menu is incredibly easy to use. The Nugget V2 comes in three different colours (black, white and steel) and is made of zinc alloy which offers a beautiful finish and can appeal to most tastes. This mod can fire any resistance atomiser above 0.1ohm all the way up to 3.0ohm which makes this a perfect mod for all tanks and a great option for all vapers no matter their needs or experience. Like most other mods, the Nugget V2 is a pass-through battery so you can use it while it’s on charge; you don’t have to buy a spare setup to keep you going while yours is charging!

    Similar to its predecessor, a unique attribute for this mod is its exceptionally small size (something that gives it an advantage over a lot of Sub Ohm-capable mods). The Nugget V2 fits snugly in the palm of your hand, while still being incredibly powerful with a highly respectable 50 Watts! Despite its tiny size, there’s still a comfortable amount of weight behind it; you don’t forget you’re holding it, but in the same breath it’s not at all too heavy!

    The Nugget V2 now has a 1500mAh battery! One of the V1 Nugget’s let-downs was its 1000mAh battery capacity; when coupled with a Sub Ohm tank this wasn’t going to last more than five hours, but with it’s new and improved battery the Nugget V2 can now last up to eight hours on its highest setting, and with a normal tank containing a coil above 1.0ohm there is potential for even longer. Another improvement on the V2 is the added temperature control feature, which in this new era of vaping is essential as most Sub Ohm tanks are compatible with temperature control atomisers. With the Nugget’s temperature range of 200°F – 600°F and compatibility with titanium coils, there is plenty of variety for all tastes and preferences.

    The menu is easily accessible (simply press the + and – buttons together) and simple to navigate; once on the menu screen press the + or – button to scroll through the options and press the fire button on the option you want to select. Once you’ve adjusted it to your preference, press the fire button once again to take you back to the main menu and then scroll through to the ‘EXIT’ option and press the fire button again. The OLED screen is simple and easy to read, with only essential information on display (including a battery indicator, an ohms reader and the mode that you’ve chosen). As mentioned you can also adjust the brightness to suit your personal preference.

    The positioning of the 510 threading is a crucial feature that sets this mod apart from most others. While other mods have their 510 threading to one side of the mod, the Nugget has its right in the centre so that even with a bigger tank it remains stable when placed down and weight isn’t pulled to one side. Also, for those of you with a hint of OCD, the central threading offers perfect symmetry which I personally find very aesthetically pleasing.

    Overall the Artery Nugget V2 has some great features and a lot of power crammed into a mod that is remarkably small. The smooth finish looks and feels great and you won’t be disappointed by what’s on the inside either! For £39.99 this 50W Temperature Control 1500mAh battery is an incredible buy for vapers of all kinds.

  3. Innokin Coolfire IV TC100W Kit Review

    Coolfire IV TC 100W Kit Review

    Here’s a quick rundown of some of the great key features you’re going to be using with the Coolfire IV TC 100W before we delve deeper into what makes this Mod an excellent purchase for not just the more accustomed user but all of you first time vapers:

    1. Complete range of Temperature Control (TC) modes (SS,Ni200,Ti) 150-315°C/300 – 600°F
    2. Battery Capacity 3300mAh
    3. Wattage range 6-100W
    4. Maximum output current 35.5A
    5. Maximum output voltage 7.5V
    6. Atomiser resistance range – can fire as low as 0.1Ω
    7. Precision Temperature control
    8. Balanced even coil heat up
    9. Dry hit detection and prevention
    10. Ultra low standby Power Consumption
    11. Can be used as a pass-through (charge and vape simultaneously)

    Important: Temperature Control is only available with TC compatible coils

    Unit: 1

    Brand: Innokin Coolfire IV

    Colours: Steel, Black, Rose Pink, Red, Blue.

    Price: £64.99

    Each Set Contains:

    • 1x Coolfire IV TC100 3300mAh mod
    • 1x iSub V Sub Ohm tank
    • 1x Silicone Sleeve
    • 1x Micro USB
    • 1x User Manual
    • Spares: 1x Rubber vape band, 1x Pack of O rings, 1x Delrin mouthpiece, 1x 0.5Ω iSub coil.

    Innokin Coolfire IV TC100W Kit!










    If like most of the vapers out there you are looking for a high quality, durable mod capable of high wattage and plumes of vapour billowing from your tank, then this has got to be one of the best ones going at the moment. Not only does it boast a wide range of key features, but it’s reasonably priced considering everything that comes with it! The kit comprises of the Innokin Coolfire IV TC100W Mod (with built-in battery), the Innokin iSub V Sub Ohm Tank, a charging lead and a fine selection of spares (detailed above), all for the generous price of only £64.99!

    A key point to note is the brand of this kit: Innokin. These are a reputable, trusted manufacturer who are one of the leading names in the E-Cigarette industry; if you buy something from Innokin, you can be sure it won’t let you down!

    The Coolfire IV TC 100W has 5 colour options available in a smooth shape that fits comfortably in your grasp. There really is something for everyone with the colours available; the red and blue versions of the Coolfire are bold block colours very striking on the eye, whereas the black, steel and Rose pink versions have a more delicate brushed finish to offer a more discreet dimension. Despite the fact the mod holds an impressive 3300mAh battery capacity, it isn’t overly weighty, making the kit comfortable to sit in the hand whilst being easily portable. You won’t get tired carrying it around!

    With a wattage range of 6-100W on the mod paired with the iSub V Sub Ohm Tank, this kit is incredibly flexible with regards to what atomiser (coil) resistance and E-Liquid you use! If you’re after thick clouds of vapour then you can use a lower coil resistance such as 0.2Ω or 0.5Ω, or if you’re not interested in big clouds and like to be more conservative with your vaping, then Innokin have recently brought out a 2.0Ω iSub Coil! Alternatively, you could use a lower resistance coil and turn the wattage down. In terms of E-Liquid, no matter what VG percentage you go for, this tank will be more than sufficient in accommodating it. Just bear in mind that if you use the 2.0Ω coils, these will not be suitable for high VG liquids as the VG is too thick; the coil cannot burn hot enough to vapourise it. Here are the recommended wattages for Innokin’s iSub Tank Coils:

    -0.2Ω: 20-50W (any E-Liquid compatible)

    -0.5Ω: 20-35W (any E-Liquid compatible)

    -2.0Ω: 10-16W (high VG E-Liquids not compatible unless mixed with distilled water to significantly thin the consistency)

    Remaining on the topic of the iSub V Sub Ohm Tank, the method of which you take a drag is called ‘Open lung’, which if you’re an experienced vaper will be a term you’re familiar with. However, if you’re relatively new to vaping then this means that instead of taking the vapour into your mouth and then back into your lungs, you take the vapour directly from the tank into your lungs. Just be mindful that with sub ohm tanks your E-Liquid will seem substantially harsher than with standard tanks, so this coupled with the open lung vaping style means we strongly recommend you use an E-Liquid with a maximum nicotine strength of 6mg maximum, regardless of how many cigarettes you used to smoke.

    Like most Mods available this particular model has an easy to reach fire button which unlocks using 3 quick clicks. It will firstly ask you a little bit about your coil; if it’s a standard coil and not temperate controlled then simply select the ‘same’ option, whereas if you have a temperature controlled coil for example a titanium coil (it will display this on the base of your coil) then you scroll to the ‘Ti’ option. Altering the temperature/wattage functions is incredibly easy, just click the ‘+’ or ‘–‘ to adjust to your desired setting and then away you go! With the Coolfire having dry hit prevention you can turn your device up as high as you like and it will swoop in and adapt to make sure you get nothing but huge clouds and great flavour. The 3300mah battery capacity will ensure you have enough charge in this quality device to easily last you a full day (if not more) of uninterrupted vaping bliss. Equally, if you’re a vaper who doesn’t give your device a minute’s rest then don’t panic, you can easily just plug this device in using the charging lead provided and vape while the mod is charging using its pass-through functionality!

    Overall this has got to be one of the best full kit options available to buy as it’s so easy to use and offers a magnificent performance. So if you’re utterly perplexed by the many options available out there and are not sure where to start, give the Coolfire IV TC 100W a try and you will be pleasantly surprised!

  4. Uwell Crown Tank Review

    Uwell Crown Sub Ohm Tank Review

    Before we sink our teeth into this week’s review, let’s take a quick look at the many great features of the Uwell Crown Tank:

    1. SUS316 food-grade stainless steel heating wire
    2. Ni200 wire dual coil for temp control device
    3. 100% Japanese organic cotton
    4. Dual coil with huge vapour for wide range of wattage
    5. Top & bottom filling available
    6. Adjustable airflow
    7. All parts detachable, easy to replace and clean
    8. 510 threading

    Atomiser wattage range:

    0.5ohm: 30-80W
    0.25ohm: 80-120W
    0.15ohm: TC

    Brand: Uwell
    Unit: 1 set
    Size: Height 75mm, Diameter 24mm
    Material: Stainless steel & Pyrex glass
    Coil Resistances: 0.15ohm/0.25ohm/0.5ohm
    Capacity: 4.0ml
    Threading: 510


    1 x Uwell Crown Sub Ohm Black Tank Atomiser (Dual vertical coil 0.25ohm)
    1x Replacement glass tube
    1 x Spare replacement coil (Dual vertical coil 0.5ohm)
    1 x Spare replacement coil (Ni200 TC coil 0.15ohm)
    9 x Spare o-ring (in various sizes)
    1 x User manual

    Price: £21.99

    Uwell Crown Sub Ohm Tank










    If we consider for a moment about how much everything in the kit – besides the tank – would come to if bought separately (£9.96) you’re really only paying £12.03 for the Crown tank itself, which for one as fantastic as this, is a bargain price!

    This particular tank has been used by one our team – Ryan – for a good few months now and he’s been loving it. If it’s not already flown off the shelves leaving us awaiting another delivery, this is definitely the one he recommends to customers.

    One of the best things about this tank is the ability to use the bottom or top filling systems. It can be difficult and annoying having to keep your tank upside down without spilling it while you fill it, and finding somewhere to put your bits and pieces while you’re out and about can be a nightmare. With the Uwell Crown tank all you have to do is take off the top, fill up your tank – the holes being wide enough for most bottle nibs – and away you go. However, if filling from the bottom is what you’re used to – if you have your technique down to a T – that option is there for you too!

    While the Crown tank can be used with any normal variable voltage mod above 30W, it can also be used on a temperature control mod, thanks to the three different kinds of atomisers available. The 0.5ohm and the 0.2ohm are perfect for variable wattage devices (the 0.2ohm allowing for higher wattage settings) and the 0.15ohm is designed specifically to work with temperature control mods, so you have both options available to you!

    It’s a fairly large tank, boasting a 4ml capacity, so it’s perfect for everyday use; no need to keep filling it up every hour or worrying about running out quickly. There is also a no spill coil swap system, so you can easily change your coil without having to empty your juice out, which always handy when dealing with a 4ml capacity subtank; juice is precious! The 4ml capacity is very handy, however it’s something that the upcoming TPD regulations are clamping down on; you will no longer be able to purchase a tank with a capacity larger than 2ml, so the Uwell Crown Tank will not be available in its current form. It could be re-made to be TPD compliant, however there is no guarantee. We have just had our last order of them delivered, so the ones we have in stock now are the ONLY ONES WE HAVE LEFT! Get them while you still can!

    You can fully disassemble the Crown tank which is incredibly handy for cleaning all parts of the tank and of course when changing anything on the tank, as most parts of the Crown can be replaced.

    Ryan himself – and all of our customers who have this tank – has bragged on many occasions that the flavour from this tank is absolutely incredible, the vapour production is fantastic and the ease with which he can use and fill the Crown tank is better than any he’s had in the past.

    Overall this really is one of the best tanks we have available from our store. It comes in three great colours – black, steel and gold, although we’re already out of steel – is big enough for most sub ohm vapers, has three different atomiser options, gives great flavour and vapour and can be filled from both the top and bottom.

    With the kit including not only the tank but also 2 spare atomisers, a spare glass piece AND 9 spare o-rings, for £21.99 the Uwell Crown tank is an absolute steal, so I suggest grabbing these while you can, especially with TPD around the corner!

  5. Innokin iTaste SD20 Kit Review

    Here at The Best E Cigarette, Innokin have always been considered a high quality, reliable brand. Following on from the success of the MVP range comes a new mouth-to-lung style mod kit: the Innokin iTaste SD20 Kit. Equipped with slick new features, a slimmer, lighter design and extra power, this kit is designed to satisfy even the most demanding of vapers.

    Lets take a look at the key features of the SD20 kit:

    -Battery: 2000mAh

    -Input Voltage: 3.2 ~ 4.3V

    -Output Voltage: 2.0 ~ 6.3V

    -Maximum Output Current: 6.0A

    -Maximum Output Wattage: 5.0 – 20W

    -Atomiser Resistance: 0.5 – 3.0 Ohm

    -Quick and Easy Top-Fill

    -Removable Drip Tip

    -100% Stainless Steel

    -Pyrex Glass Tank

    -Japanese Organic Cotton

    -No Spill Coil Swap System

    -4.5ml Tank Capacity

    Each set contains:

    -1x Innokin iTaste SD20 Mod

    -1x Prism T22 Tank

    -1x USB charger

    -1x Spare Drip Tip

    -1x Pack of spare O-Rings

    -2x Replacement panels for body of mod (to change the skull design to a plain one)

    -1x User Manual

    Price: £39.99


    Innokin iTaste SD20 Kit











    The SD20 kit is a very simple device to use, even if you’re just starting out or are upgrading from a more basic setup (such as standard ego style batteries). You have an adjustable power setting (ranging from 5 Watts up to 20 Watts) and a large 4.5ml tank capacity which will get you through most the day if you’re an average user. When you do need to fill your tank, it’s made easier by the tank’s top fill only function, so if you’re out and about its easy enough to unscrew the cap and fill on the go. The tank also incorporates a non spill/mess coil changing design; gone are the days of having to unscrew the base of your tank just to unscrew your coil, all whilst getting your fingers covered in liquid.

    The mod itself boasts a large battery capacity and a long battery life when used in conjunction with the tank provided. It has interchangeable magnetic side panels as standard, so if you don’t like the pre-installed skull design, you can opt for plain matte finished panels which also come prepacked within the kit. The choice is yours.

    The tank itself has a unique coil design in that the tank itself has no chimney coming from the coil, this ensures the tank will always deliver great flavour. The tank doesn’t include an adjustable airflow feature like many other Innokin tanks, however through customer feedback and having tried it ourselves, this is not a problem. The airflow is very good and isn’t restricted; you get a good puff without it being too airy.

    Also included in the kit are spare O-Rings which come in handy because eventually the pre-installed ones will deteriorate, usually due to everyday wear and tear.

    With its unique design, top fill tank function, large tank capacity and durability, the SD20 kit from Innokin is easy to use and offers a great vaping performance. At £39.99 this is a brilliant buy for anyone looking for a simple kit with a solid performance, all without spending the ‘big bucks’.

  6. Innokin iSub V Tank Review

    Innokin iSub V Tank Review

    Firstly, let’s take a look the Innokin iSub V’s features:

    1. Quick & clean top fill
    2. 3.0ml pyrex glass tank
    3. 100% stainless steel
    4. Adjustable airflow
    5. Removable drip tip
    6. Replaceable glass tank
    7. No spill coil swap system
    8. iSub coils compatible

    Brand: Innokin
    Unit: 1
    Size: Height 55mm; Diameter 22mm
    Capacity: 3ml
    Resistance: 0.5ohm
    Threading: 510

    Colour – Black

    Price – £16.99

    Each set contains:

    1x Innokin iSub V tank atomiser
    1x User Manual

    Innokin iSub V Tank










    The Innokin iSub V is the most recent tank from Innokin that we’ve had in. It sports a 3ml capacity – a good size for a sub ohm tank – though despite this the tank itself isn’t overly large, keeping quite compact while still holding a decent amount of juice. Like a few of its predecessors it fills from the top, making it quick and easy to fill; no mess, no fuss, and the clear glass means you can see straight away how much you’ve filled it, rather than trying to see through tiny windows or trying to guess. The great thing about this tank is that unlike most other top filling subtanks that only have a few tiny holes to try and fill through, the iSub V has a huge filling space of 5mm all around the chimney, making it a lot less likely that you’ll get liquid down the centre no matter the size of your bottle nozzle. The intriguing thing about the chimney on this tank is that it actually sits on a spring, which releases when you take the top cap off; when this happens, it closes off the three juice holes leading to the atomiser.

    Much like most of Innokin’s other top-filling tanks, this one boasts a no-spill coil swap system, which is essential when dealing with 3ml of juice which could potentially go down the drain without it. Simply unscrew the base, pull out your atomiser and pop in a new one; simple as that!

    The iSub V’s airflow control allows for wide variation and is neither too loose nor too stiff, making it less likely to alter on its own or take the strength of The Hulk to adjust it.
    The 510 drip tip is of course made of delrin, which is the preferred material for a subtank mouthpiece; because of the heat that you’re running your tank on, a metal mouthpiece is more likely to heat up and potentially be too hot to use, whereas delrin’s heat insulating properties mean your mouthpiece will never get too hot to use. It is completely removable however, so if you have a favourite or preferred mouthpiece you can replace the delrin one and it will still fit.

    The whole tank comes apart (base, chimney, glass tube and top cap) for if you ever need to give your whole tank a good clean, and it means you can replace the glass if it ever breaks or cracks (the kit does come with a rubber tank band to help protect it from this problem, though it isn’t 100% guaranteed to stop breaks, particularly if dropped onto a hard surface, so do be careful!). There are spare o-rings included in the event that any of the ones on the tank need replacing. The iSub V also comes with a spare atomiser for you to use when the pre-installed one is done with. As well as this, the iSub V is completely compatible with the existing iSub coils, so if you love the performance of the ones in an older iSub tank, or simply have some left over, then you can continue to use them.

    Overall, with its 3ml capacity, wide top fill, no-spill coil swap system and removable mouthpiece, the iSub V is a great addition to Innokin’s subtank range, while still managing to improve on earlier tank designs. At £16.99, this is a great choice for any sub ohm vaper!