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Here are our Rebuildable Atomizer's (RBAs) and Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer's (RDAs). These are for more experienced Vapers. The thing that makes these atomizer's “rebuildable” is the fact that they can be taken apart to replace the wicks and coils and can be personalized (in terms of their resistance) to meet the needs of the vaper.

An RDA (often called a dripper for short) is the most common type of rebuildable atomizer in the E-Cigarette Industry. An RDA has no tank to hold extra juice; all of the liquid is held by the wick and coil. This means that you are only able to take a couple of puffs before re-filling/re-dripping. Sometimes there is a well inside the base of the dripper to hold a little extra juice, but not always.

An RBA has decks to rebuild on just like drippers, but also has a tank section to hold extra liquid. When built and filled, an RBA will function just like a clearomiser so you can vape repeatedly for much of the day before having to refill. RBA's are frequently referred to as RTA's (Rebuildable Tank Atomizer's) because of the tanks they have to hold E-Liquid.

Below is our full range of rebuildable goods which can be used by anyone who has a rebuildable atomiser.

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