DIY E-Liquid Calculation

DIY E-Liquid Calculation / Measurement Guide

With the Government’s TPD (Tobacco products Directive) restricting raw Nicotine strength to 18mg, all the calculations in this guide will be based on E-Liquid being mixed using 18mg Nicotine. This does not mean you have to make 18mg liquid. Also, being as most flavour concentrates on the market are a PG Base, this guide will be based on PG Concentrates (this means that it will not be possible to make a 100% VG Mix). Nicotine is available in a variety of VG/PG ratios, however we recommend using 100% VG or 100% PG Nicotine because it is easier to work out your overall mixing ratio. The VG/PG ratio of your overall mix will change depending on which nicotine base you use.

To make it easier for you to find the measurements you need, first decide what size bottle you would like to mix your E-Liquid in and follow the relevant link below. All the measurements are broken down into desired strength & volume/concentration of flavour. Start by finding the subheading with the nicotine strength you would like to make your E-Liquid, then look for the relevant table of measurements based on how much flavour you would like to use. We recommend 15% for fruits & desserts, and 2-7% for tobaccos and mints/menthols. Each table then shows all the measurements of the ingredients you will need for multiple VG/PG ratios.

I'm mixing my E-Liquid in 10ml Bottles:

I'm mixing my E-Liquid in 30ml Bottles:

I'm mixing my E-Liquid in 50ml Bottles:

I'm mixing my E-Liquid in 100ml Bottles:

I'm mixing my E-Liquid in 250ml Bottles: