Hangsen E-Liquid

Hangsen has been the forerunner at the global e cigarette industry since 2009. The Best E Cigarette is proud to have been Hangsen's global partner since 2010, together delivering a brand that is for good alternatives to smoking, offering uncompromising flavour and quality. Hangsen ensures the most rigorous production standard, collaborated with 9 authoritative laboratories worldwide. We are proud to be one of the highest Hangsen uk retailers within the industry, offering a huge range of Hangsen e liquids and Hangsen Concentrates to the uk vaping community. Hangsen's testing partners are:

Recommended E-Liquid Strengths

This is a rough guide to try and ensure that you get the right strength E-Liquid when using E-Cigs.

Cigarettes per day / Recommended E-Liquid strength

15+ / 18MG

10-15 / 12MG

5-10 / 6MG

1-5 / 3MG

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