Thinking of making your own E-Liquid? You won't be able to do it without AG (aqueous glycerine), PG (propylene glycol), VG (vegetable glycerine) or Base Mix (a mix of PG and VG).

PG is the thin ingredient in e-liquid that offers a strong throat hit

VG is the thick ingredient in e-liquid that offers a smooth throat hit.

AG is a mix of VG and distilled water to offer the thinness of PG but with the smooth throat hit of VG.

Base Mix is just a ready mixed blend of PG and VG so you don't have to buy both ingredients separately.

All e-liquids have a "VG/PG Ratio". When making your own E-Liquid you need to have a desired VG/PG ratio in mind. The more VG you use the thicker and smoother the liquid is going to be. The more PG you use the thinner and harsher your liquid will be when you vape it. The ratio simply refers to the percentage of PG in the mix compared to the percentage of VG in the mix. For example, an 80VG/20PG ratio means the E-Liquid is made up of 80% VG and 20% PG. It’s important to remember that everything that goes into the E-Liquid contributes towards this ratio; your flavouring is often a PG base, while your nicotine can be purchased in all different kinds of VG/PG mixes. Some common ratios you can make your own E-Liquid to are:

30VG/70PG - strong throat hit, low vapour production (can be used in all tanks/clearomisers but recommended low powered setups)

50VG/50PG - moderate throat hit, moderate vapour production (can be used in all tanks/clearomisers)

60VG/40PG - mild throat hit, good vapour production (can be used in all tanks/clearomisers but is better in tanks capable of outputting 20W+)

70VG/30PG - weak throat hit, large vapour production (can only be used in sub ohm tanks)

80VG/20PG - very weak throat hit, very large vapour production (can only be used in sub ohm tanks)

E-Liquids with a high VG content (anything above 60% VG) should only be used with high power set-ups because a lot of power/heat is needed to burn thick liquids. Sub Ohm Tanks (tanks that contain atomisers with a resistance below 1.0 Ohms) paired with high powered mods (20 Watts+) are the ideal setup for high VG liquids.

E-Liquids with high PG content (50% or higher) are compatible with most tanks/clearomisers on the market. It's worth noting that when using high PG E-Liquids with higher powered setups (20 Watts+), the liquid will be vapourised very quickly which not only leads to quicker E-Liquid consumption, but the throat hit will be a lot harsher and there is a chance of spit back. For this reason higher PG liquids are recommended to be used with lower powered setups (20 Watts and below).

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