Nicotine Salt E-Liquid

Nicotine Salts are the nicotine naturally formed in the tobacco leaf. On their own they have too high of a pH level to be effective (in terms of nicotine delivery) when diluted into an e-liquid and vaporised by E-Cigarettes. They would need to be vaped at extremely high temperatures (higher than possible with e-cigarettes) in order to deliver the nicotine properly. Higher pH levels (alkalines) also give a stronger throat hit, which is why higher nicotine strengths in normal e-liquid have such a harsh throat hit, because the standard 'freebase' nicotine used in e-liquids is achieved in a way where the alkalinity remains very high. For these reasons an acid (usually benzioc acid or citric acid) is added to the nic salt to reduce the pH level / alkalinity which means it can be vaporised efficiently at lower temperatures (even by basic starter e-cig kits) and has a really smooth throat hit so users can vape the higher nicotine strength they need to satisfy cravings without an excessive throat hit. Another benefit of this lower pH level is the speed in which the nicotine is delivered. Adding the acid this way gives the nicotine a chemical structure which is rapidly absorbed into the body, much more so than 'freebase' nicotine in normal e-liquids. After the acid is added, the now lower pH salt is diluted in your usual e-liquid ingredients, propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerine (VG) and flavourings to make it into a 'vapeable' nic salt e-liquid. To summarise, the main benefits of nic salts are:

- Can be vaporised efficiently at a lower temperatures which means they are still very effective with even the most basic e-cigs.

- It has a lower pH level than freebase so has a much smoother throat hit.

- It is absorbed into the body quicker than freebase, so nicotine satisfaction is achieved much quicker.

Pod systems are great with nic salts because they are often low powered with a small battery capacity. This means you don't have to carry around a big device but can stay topped up on nicotine throughout the day without running out of battery because you don't need to use it as much.

Nic Salts are available in various flavours and are ideal for new starters or current vapers who crave more nicotine but usually wouldn't be able to handle the strong throat hit that comes with it.

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