British Blend E-Liquid

British Blend E-Liquid

  • Manufactured in the United Kingdom within an ISO Class 8 clean room
  • UK sourced flavours which have been tested to ensure they are Diacetyl and Acetyl Propionyl free
  • UK sourced Pharmaceutical grade nicotine
  • Childproof and tamper evident bottles
  • Full traceability on all ingredients
  • Regularly sent off to a UKAS accredited laboratory for testing to ensure consistency
  • Compatible with any device – manufactured to the same consistency
  • No ingredients sourced from outside the UK

Which strength should you choose?

We have decided to alter PG and VG levels dependent on nicotine strength. As a result our higher nicotine strengths carry a stronger throat hit, while our lower nicotine strengths carry a weaker throat hit but produce more vapour. The levels of PG/VG are listed below. We also decided to use different colours for the different strengths so that it’s easy to determine which nicotine strength you are using. These colours can be found at the top of the label on each bottle stretching horizontally from one side to the other.

  • 18mg/ml - 60(PG) / 40(VG) - Strong throat hit / low vapour production (Red Label)
  • 12mg/ml - 50(PG) / 50(VG) - mild throat hit / mild vapour production (Blue Label)
  • 6mg/ml – 45(PG) / 55(VG) – slight throat hit / moderate vapour production (Green Label)
  • 3mg/ml - 40(PG) / 60(VG) - very slight throat hit / large vapour production (Purple Label)
  • 0mg/ml - 40(PG) / 60(VG) - no throat hit / large vapour production (White Label)

What ingredients are used in British Blend E-Liquid?

-Propylene Glycol

-Vegetable Glycerine

-7.2% Nicotine diluted in PG

-De-ionised Water

-Natural & Artifical flavours carried in PG (Diacetyl and Acetyl Propionyl free)

Not use oil-based flavours, dyes or colourings.

Recommended E-Liquid Strengths

This is a rough guide to try and ensure that you get the right strength E-Liquid when using E-Cigs.

Cigarettes per day / Recommended E-Liquid strength

15+ / 18MG

10-15 / 12MG

5-10 / 6MG

1-5 / 3MG

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