Mix-it Bottle Shots

Looking to start mixing your very own e-liquids but not sure where to start? Why not check out our Mix-It Bottle Shots!

We've worked out the perfect amount of flavour so you don't have to. All you need to do is add your own Base Mix & Nicotine and away you go!

Select your flavour from the drop-down box and away you go!

What will I need to mix my Bottle Shot?

1. Nicotine Shots (if required).

2. Vegetable Glycerin (VG), Propylene Glycol (PG) or Base Mix (pre-mixed PG & VG).

3. A portable empty bottle with a tank-filling-nib that you can keep topping up with your new mix.

How to mix Bottle Shots?

Mixing our bottle shots is about as easy as making a cup of tea, follow these steps to mix your bottle shots in a matter of minutes.

1. Open your Mix-It Bottle Shot and add the desired nicotine shots if required (see amounts below).

2. Top-up the rest of the bottle shot with your preferred ratio of PG, VG, or Base Mix.

3. Either "shake & vape" the mix (if it's a fruit, drink, mint/menthol or sweetie flavour) or shake and leave it to stand for 1-2 weeks to allow it to steep/develop in flavour (if it's a dessert or tobacco flavour).

More PG = thinner/harsher (for low powered devices & starter kits).

More VG = thicker/smoother (for higher powered devices).

The concentrated flavour already in the bottle shot is PG.

Nicotine required?

To make 3mg = add 4 x 18mg Nic Shots to your bottle shot.

To make 6mg = add 8 x 18mg Nic Shots to your bottle shot.

To make 9mg = add 12 x 18mg Nic Shots to your bottle shot.

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