Darkstar Drinks 120ml Short Fill E-Liquid

Darkstar Drinks Range

A refreshing range of flavours based on your favourite drinks!

Here are the flavours:

Blazberry Lemonade - The new summer classic. Juicy raspberries and succulent blueberries mixed together with freshly squeezed lemonade, simply delicious.

The Boundless Blue Monster - Beware the Boundless Blue Beast! This Intense and sweet energy drink experience blends the juiciest blue fruits for a fearfully good flavour.

Curiously Cola - We had to satisfy our curiosity when it came to creating the perfect cola flavours. Captivatingly complex, Curiously Cola will take you back to that sweet and smooth taste of yesteryear.

Jungle Juice - Take a trip to the jungle with your device by trying this perfect flavour combination of Mango, Pineapple, Guava and Coconut.

The Malevolent Green Demon - Created in the deepest depths of the underworld from our signature explosive energy drink base, this delicious flavour is overflowing with killer kiwi and juicy, monstrous melon

The Relentless Purple Bull - A powerhouse of guava and juicy fruits. Like a bull in a china shop, this refreshing energy drink flavour delivers intense sweetness and flavour.

Victorian Lemonade - Ditch the bowtie or loosen off that corset and kick back with a tangy and refreshingly cloudy lemonade.

VG/PG Ratio: 74/26

120ml Shortfill. There's 100ml E-liquid in each bottle, leaving room to add nicotine!

See our guide to find out the outcomes of adding nicotine to your short fill.