Winny's 60ml Short Fill E-Liquid

Introducing our signature range which is becoming more and more popular by the day: Winny's!

Choose from 30 mouthwatering flavours; from fruits and mints to sweets, drinks and desserts. There really is something for everyone's palate!

Apple Lemon - A classic Nerds flavour; sharp lemon and tart green apples both mixed in with a sweet candy aftertaste.

Banana Custard - Smooth, creamy vanilla custard with generous helpings of sweet sliced banana mixed in.

Blackjack - Take your taste buds down memory lane with this classic Blackjack sweetie! This unmistakable aniseed / liquorice combination has won over the taste buds of millions. Definitely one for those who miss the good old days of confectionery!

Blueberry Muffin - A soft, freshly baked muffin filled with juicy blueberries.

Blue Raspberry Chewitz - A tangy Blue Raspberry take on those famous dino chews!

Bubblegum Millionz - No extravagant description needed for this one. The tiny chewy bubblegum rocks everyone knows and loves, but in E-Liquid form! A huge fan favourite in the E-Cigarette industry.

Cherry & Watermelon Nerdz - Just as you remember from when you were a kid; a sweet cherry and refreshing watermelon in a candy vape form.

Cherry Lemonade Nerdz - Tart, zesty lemonade gives you a refreshing citrus punch, then the juicy cherries come in and provide just the right amount of sweetness for a beautiful balance of sweet and sour.

Custard Doughnut - Nothing beats a freshly baked custard doughnut. A soft, sugary doughnut with a creamy custard filling; the perfect dessert vape.

Fantango Ice Blast - Why pay those cinema prices when you can get an ice blast in your e-cig? A blue raspberry & strawberry mix with an icy slush twist. Scaramouche, scaramouche will you try the Fantango?

Fruit Salad - Another one from the old sweet shop is Fruit Salad! Those delicious classic yellow and pink fruity chews in E-Liquid form; definitely one for those with a sweet tooth!

Grape Berry Mint - Looking to get your grape fix ASAP? This might be the flavour for you; a moreish mix of black grapes and berries with a touch of mint on the exhale. Some might say this flavour is 'nasty' but in the best possible way.

Hazelnut & Salted Caramel Latte - For those who need that early morning fix. Rich Arabica bean coffee infused with sweet salted caramel and earthy hazelnuts, then mixed with creamy hot milk for the perfect latte flavour.

Iced Blood Orange & Blueberry - Ripe blueberries and tangy blood oranges mixed with a touch of frost for a refreshing fruity flavour.

Lemon & Lime Twister - A lemon and lime take on your favourite twisted lolly! Zingy lemon and lime are combined with fresh pineapple before being topped off with a subtle hint of smooth vanilla ice cream.

Lemon Tart - A traditional lemon tart just the way grandma used to bake. A tangy lemon curd atop a sweet, crumbly pastry base.

Mango Mint - The exotic taste of mango complemented by a very slight zing of lemon & lime, then finished off with a subtle hint of fresh, cooling mint.

Mr Pink's Tropical Twist - A flavour based on a notorious (Pink)man who goes by the name of Jesse. A juicy tropical fruit mix with sweet strawberry and a hint of aniseed. Who knew crime tasted so good!

Mr Red's Berry Menthol - Based on Red A - an extremely popular flavour amongst the vaping community. A luscious blend of mixed red berries, black grape and aniseed with a cool menthol kick and a hint of eucalyptus.

Mr White's Mixed Fruit Ice - A flavour based on everyone's favourite scientist; some call him Mr White, some call him Walter, others call him H.berg. A mixed fruit blend of the highest potency injected with an ice cool menthol blast and a slight touch of aniseed. "I am the one who vapes!"

Parma Violetz - Everyone's favourite violet sweeties are hard to put down once in your tank!

Passionfruit & Tropical Mix - An exotic blend of passion fruit and tropical fruits for that tantalising summery taste!

Rhubarb - Tart yet sweet rhubarb, fresh from the garden.

Rhubarb & Custard - Smooth custard with tart rhubarb, just like the sweets.

Rybena - Succulent blackcurrants blended together to create the squash known and loved by many.

Sour Apples - Juicy, tart green apples to really get those taste buds tingling.

Strawberry Jam - Sweet and sticky jam made with fresh british strawberries.

Strawberry & Lime Cider - We all love the feeling of being sat in our favourite beer garden, sipping on a sweet strawberry and tangy lime cider; the perfect refreshment for a warm summer's day. Now Winny's has made it so you can experience all of this in your E-Cig!

Strawberry Milkshake - A rich and creamy strawberry milkshake. A moreish dessert flavour that works well as an all day vape.

Vymto - A fan favourite not just in the soft drink industry, but the E-Liquid industry too! We all know this one; a sweet mixed fruit squash that is enjoyed all around the world!

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