eGo K Twin Kit 900mAh

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eGo K 900mAh E-Cigarette Twin Starter Kit

The eGo K Twin Kit is perfect for beginners who are serious about stopping smoking and switching to vaping. The eGo K Twin Kit comes with two batteries and two clearomisers to make sure the user has a spare E-Cigarette to keep them going while their other one is charging. The Ego K Twin Kits are what we recommend to smokers who wish to make the transition from smoking to vaping and have either tried it before or are willing to spend that extra bit more to kick the habbit of smoking.


2 x 900mAh Battery

2 x CE4 Clearomisers

1 x USB Charging Lead

1 x USB Wall Adapter/Plug

1 x Spare empty 10ml Dripper Bottle

1 x Instruction Manual


All of our Clearomisers are sold as disposable items and therefore come with a Dead on Arrival (DOA) warranty. If you have purchased a faulty item, please contact us within the first 72 hours after purchase via telephone (01773 687073), email (, or by visiting the store to notify us of any faults. All returns will need proof of purchase for any further action to be taken.

Batteries and chargers come with a 30 day warranty. Again, proof of purchase is required for any returns, and faults must be reported within the warranty duration.

If you require further assistance or explanations, please do not hesitate to contact us.

E Liquid is also sold separately, please see our E-Liquid pages.

How to use the Kit:

The CE4 Clearomiser (the tank with cotton inside) is the part of the kit where your E-Liquid goes; simply unscrew it from your battery, unscrew its black mouthpiece, open your bottle of E-Liquid and squirt it into the top of the clearomiser. Make sure you do not get any liquid in the small centre tube of the clearomiser because this can cause leakage and can leave you with liquid in your mouth when it comes to vaping the device. Holding the clearomiser at an angle and squirting the E-Liquid down the side can help prevent getting any in the centre tube. Fill the clearomiser to just below the top of the centre tube, then when it's is full screw the mouthpiece back onto the top and leave it to stand for a good 5-10 minutes. The reason for doing this is to ensure the cotton inside the clearomiser has absorbed the liquid properly. If you use the device and the cotton is too dry it will burn which can ruin the clearomiser and produce an unpleasant taste. After leaving it to soak for 5-10 minutes, screw the clearomiser onto the top of your battery. The mouthpiece will have a white cover on it to stop things getting into it. Take this off when it comes to vaping the device because it will hinder the draw you take on the E-Cigarette.

The 900mAh battery has a 5-click-safety feature which means you can lock and unlock it to prevent it accidentally firing. When you purchase a kit from us, the batteries are usually locked. To unlock your battery, quickly click the firing button 5 times. The light will flash on the button to show you have done it correctly. Your kit is now ready to use. Press and hold the firing button while taking a draw from the top of your clearomiser like you would from a regular cigarette. The firing button will light up when you hold it down to show it is working. You can continue to do this until you feel satisfied. The battery has a 10 second cut-off time to prevent overheating, so you will not be able to take a draw for more than 10 seconds. When you have finished vaping and wish to put your E-Cigarette down, quickly click the firing button another 5 times to lock the device and prevent it accidentally firing (e.g if it falls over or your pick it up and press the button without realising).

Please note that while most of our batteries are locked when sent out, this is not the case with all of them. When you receive your kit, unscrew the clearomiser from the battery and make sure it is locked (by quickly clicking the firing button 5 times) to prevent you accidentally firing the battery with your empty clearomiser on top. You will know it is locked because when you hold down the firing button it will not light up.

The 900mAh Battery should offer you around 8-10 hours of vaping after a full charge depending on how much you use it. It will have some charge in it when you receive it, so we recommend using it until it is flat and then giving it a good full charge afterwards.

To charge your battery, unscrew the clearomiser and screw the top of the battery into the charging cable provided. Plug the USB from the charger into the wall adapter then plug that into a mains plug socket. The firing button will light up when the battery is charging, and a Red/Amber light will appear on the charger to indicate the battery has low charge. This light will turn green when the battery has a good amount of charge, however this does not mean it is fully charged. The firing button light will go off when the battery is fully charged. A full charge will take around 6 hours. We do not recommend leaving your battery unattended while charging, nor do we recommend charging it overnight. The main perk of the twin kit is that while you're charging one of your batteries, you have a spare to keep you going! This means you can switch between batteries without losing out on any valuable vaping time!

The CE4 Clearomiser is a disposable item that needs to be regularly replaced. These can last anywhere between 3-15 days (usually closer to 15) depending on how much it is used. The reason for this is because the cotton gradually burns out over time as it is repeatedly heated up by the battery to vapourise the E-Liquid. After several days of usage, if the CE4 Clearomiser starts to taste burnt even after leaving it to soak when filling it, it will need replacing. If the Clearomiser starts to leak after several days of usage then this can also mean that it needs replacing. This is because when the cotton gets burnt out over time, it wears away and creates gaps for the liquid to run through. CE4 Clearomisers can be purchased singularly for £3 or in a pack of three for £8.


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