British Blend 120ml Short Fill E-Liquid

The British Blend Short Fill range adopts the exact same mouth watering flavours as the hugely popular British Blend 100ml Range, however it now comes in 120ml bottles to make it easier to add your own nicotine! Still 100ml of E-Liquid, just bigger bottles! You no longer need to make space in your bottle for your nicotine, simply use the 20ml of space provided to add as much or as little nicotine as you desire!

Choose from 15 fantastic flavours:

Berry Blast - A hard hitting assortment of mixed summer berries.

Bubble Twist - A burst of juicy bubble gum with a cool polar twist.

Cherry Cola - A delicious blend of fizzy cola with a squeeze of sweet cherry.

Citrus Dream - A dreamy creamy citrus explosion with a delicate sherbet twang.

Crystal Blue - A sumptuous blueberry jam with a light breezy exhale.

Dragon's Grape - A ferocious concoction of dragon fruit, bunched with refreshing grapes.

Grack Juice - A cluster of dragon fruit, grapes, and raspberry finely tuned with cactus and finished with a frosty exhale.

Icy Trio - Bringing together a teasing trio of lychee, strawberry and kiwi, with a cool twist.

Lemon Haze - A vibrant shot of zesty lemon in a heavenly crisp tart.

Lemon Sugar Cookies & Cream - A delightful infusion of lemon sugar with crumbly cookie undertones.

Red Bounty - A satisfying mix of strawberry and watermelon coupled with a coco-nutty surprise.

Tropical Fusion - A tantalising fusion of tropical fruits.

Tutti Fruitti - A totally toots fruit concoction.

Unicorn Milk - A summer time favourite - strawberries and cream with a crumbly biscuit base.

Yummy Gummy - A unique fruity infusion of your favourite chewy friends.

See our guide to find out the outcomes of adding nicotine to your short fill.

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