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Harry Fogger 60ml Short Fill E-Liquid

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Harry Fogger is a UK made nicotine free E-Liquid with a fantastic range of moreish dessert flavours in a 70vg/30pg mix. Like a lot of E-Liquid on the market at the moment, Harry Fogger is a nicotine free E-Liquid that comes in large short fill bottles, allowing the user to add nicotine if desired. In this case, Harry Fogger comes in 60ml bottles filled with 50ml of E-Liquid, leaving the user 10ml room for nicotine if they want to add some (this would achieve a 3mg nicotine strength).

Choose from 13 magical flavours:

Acid Pops - A unique take on the absinthe flavour.

Bludger Biscuit - A creamy peanut butter biscuit.

Chamber of Cheesecake - A slice of rich raspberry cheesecake topped with thick double cream.

Choc Chip Charm - A minty scoop of chocolate chip ice cream.

Dementor's Kiss - Juicy blueberry and blackcurrant with an aniseed and menthol kick.

Divination Dessert - A fresh scoop of strawberries and cream ice cream.

Huffleberry - A succulent assortment of blueberry, peach and strawberry.

Jelly Slugs - A fruity feast of mouth-wateringly juicy flavours.

Limos Maxima - A vibrant and fizzy limeade.

Muggle's Milk - A smooth strawberry custard.

Snape Oil - A unique concoction of coconut, cream and pear.

Tri-Wizard Torte - A sweet dragon fruit, strawberry and vanilla cake.

Wingardium Lemonosa - A zesty lemon cake.

See our guide to find out the outcomes of adding nicotine to your short fill.

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