Joyetech Ego Pod Kit Review

Joyetech Ego Pod Kit Review

Good morning and welcome back to The Best E-Cigarette Blog! As you are probably aware, this month is Swaptober month which is where we encourage those who are smoking to make the switch to vaping and quit the habit for good. One issue is that vaping has become this complex world where picking your first kit can be hard. Of course here at The Best E-Cigarette, we want to pick the right kit for the right person and recently if someone has come in and asked what kit I would personally choose for quitting, I would strongly recommend the Joyetech eGo Pod Kit and since our suppliers of Joyetech products were nice enough to send over a sample for me to try, I figured I would do a full review about this kit.

Please note, this review is not endorsed by anyone, its a full, unbiased review on the eGo Pod kit and all opinions on this kit are my own.

What’s in the box?

In the box you’ll get:

1x Joyetech eGo Pod Battery

1x Joyetech Ego Pod (installed) For extra pods, click here.

1x Charge Lead

1x Instructions Booklet

Specs of the device

Dimensions: 98 x 19mm
Material: Stainless Steel + Plastic
Power: Built-in 1000mAh
Chipset: Avatar IC 1.0
Cartridge Capacity: 2.0ml Vaporizer
Resistance: 1.2ohm
Protection: low/high resistance, overheating, short circuit, overcharge / over-discharge
Connector type: magnetic

Look of the device

The kit itself is sleek and lightweight and also very simplistic in its design which isn’t exactly a con for a new vaper as this device is aiming for, I feel like the device is very subtle in its design and comes in four different colours; Black, Silver, Blue and Rainbow (Irredesence if you want to be fancy) there’s no buttons on this device which means to me that the device cant is turned off, I guess if you were to remove the pod from the battery that would cut off the circuit but I don’t think it would turn off the device, we will, however, go into the full operation in the next section.

The pod section itself is also built well with a sturdy construction made from plastic which houses the coil, it is a bottom fill but has a sort of leak-proof valve as well which as well we will look into more in the next section.

Joyetech eGo Pod Kit

These are the four colours available: Black/Blue/Rainbow/Silver


The operation of this kit is pretty simple which if you haven’t used an e-cig before, this makes it a better experience for you. To fill the pod, simply pick your favourite juice, I’ve gone with the Exoctic Delight from British Blend and push it into the silver divet that’s at the base of the pod itself, from there just squeeze the bottle until the pod is full. As with any coil, make sure you give the pod a good few minutes to prime the coil inside to avoid instantly burning the coil out!

Joyetech eGo Pod Kit

An image of the filling mechanism

For using the device, make sure you place your pod into the battery, you’ll be able to turn the pod till it drops into place, this is because of the little ridge on the pod fits nicely into the opening of the battery, it’s also magnetized making it more secure and on top of all that, the LED light on the battery will flash white when the pod is installed correctly.

To actually use the device, just inhale on the kit just like you would on a normal E-Cig (or a cigarette if you are reading this looking for your first kit) and once you’ve taken a drag of the eGo Pod, simply stop inhaling and the device will stop firing, it makes it so simple and easy to use.

Joyetech eGo Pod Kit

The LED light will flash white when a pod is installed, will also glow white when in use.


Battery & Pod Lifespan

The battery on this device, I’ve got to say is a bit mindblowing! I know that sounds a bit extreme but ill explain. The battery capacity of the kit is only 1000mAh which we know there are bigger capacities in other devices however what I will say is after personally using this device for the best part of a month, I’ve only really had to charge it once every two days.

I think this is down to the resistance of the pods itself since they are only 1.2ohm and at the maximum would use 12w, I think that the battery would not need a lot of power to make the coil work. This makes this a major pro in my opinion and that’s not to mention that the pods tend to last around 3 weeks in my experience.

Joyetech eGo Pod Kit

The pod and battery seperate.

Pros and Cons

I have compiled a list of pros and cons for the Joyetech eGo Pod kit below for you to check out!


  • Lightweight and sleek
  • Good battery life
  • Good pod lifespan
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent value for money
  • Actually leakproof


  • Could have done with a different resistance pod
  • Somewhere to attach a lanyard

Final Thoughts

Overall I think this truly is the best starter kit for anyone looking to quit smoking and start vaping. As I said with my concerns for this kit are quite minor as the kit works the way it is supposed to work, to replicate the feeling of smoking which it does extremely well with the breath activated draw and the airflow is great for this as well.

Joyetech eGo Pod

The Joyetech eGo Pod Kit in blue.

For the price of this kit, we’ve got them on sale for £19.99 which is great value for the kit. if you are interested, check out the eGo Pod now!

Once again thanks for checking out the review and I hope you found this post to be helpful.

The review was written by Cal


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